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Online Fund Raising

There are several resources on the net about this subject.


Articles and FAQs?:

Payment Services:

Fund Raising Services:

There is a problem with using fund raising services since the IRS puts lots of restrictions on these and requires a lot of extra reporting from both sides.

Mailing Lists:


  • The PSF is a Delaware corporation based on Virginia, USA.
  • Donations can usually be deducted as a business expense by consultants and businesses using Python.
  • The PSF has applied for US 501(c)3 charity status (not yet accepted) primarily to facilitate IP transfers, but this will also allow non-business donors in the US to deduct donations as charitable contributions.
  • For European donors to be able to deduct donations as charitable contributions, the PSF would have to create a branch in each European country (although there is an EU effort to centralize this). A similar situation probably exists in other countries as well.