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Dublin Core Elements

The Dublin Core metadata element set is a standard for cross-domain information resource description.
Element Description Value
Identifier resource ID
Title resource name DCOracle2
Description resource summary Oracle Database Bindings for Python DCOracle2 is a Python DB API 2.0 adapter for Oracle 8. Based on the Oracle 8 OCI, DCOracle2 overcomes limitations of DCOracle which prevent new OCI 8 features from functioning (LOBs). Zope Oracle Database Adapter DCOracle2 comes with ZOracleDA, ready to install into Zope. ZOracleDA included supports Z Oracle Stored Procedure objects. These bind the stored procedure name to a connection, suitable for calling from DTML or Python scripts. Installation NT users can download the ZIP file and uncompress into Zope's 'lib/python/Products' directory; then, rename the directory from "DCO2" to "ZOracleDA". After performing the rename, run the "" script in this directory to extract a pre-built binary for your system. Unix users should untar the tar.gz file, and export the 'ORACLE_HOME' environment variable to point at the Oracle installation. The top-level Makefile should attempt to figure out enough information to build DCOracle2. Linux users note that you must have the Python development headers installed to compile; at this time no binary Linux distribution is packaged. For many RPM based systems, you need python-devel installed. After compilation on Unix, the easiest thing to do is link 'lib/python/Products/ZOracleDA' in Zope's tree to your 'DCO2' directory. Binary Builds Prebuilt binaries are available for Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT; no guarantees are made that these will link into *your* system. Documentation Please see the included <a href="">documentation</a> (this version is poorly-converted HTML). IMPORTANT As of Beta 5, the pre-built binaries are bundled with the source distribution. From the root directory (DCO2) run the file to try to copy a pre-built binary. SUPPORT DCOracle2 is currently unmaintained, and no support is available. CVS You may check the CVS version of DCOracle2 out from the cvs repository in the Products/DCOracle2 directory. Click "here": to download a current tarball.
Creator resource creator matt
Date default date 2004-06-01 14:49:43
Format resource format text/html
Type resource type Software Package
Subject resource keywords External Access, Server
Contributors resource collaborators
Language resource language
Publisher resource publisher No publisher
Rights resource copyright

Additional Zope Elements

Element Description Value
CreationDate date resource created 2003-02-10 15:04:00
ModificationDate date resource last modified 2004-06-01 14:49:43
EffectiveDate date resource becomes effective None
ExpirationDate date resource expires None

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