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DCOracle2 Release 1.1


DCOracle2 is Zope Corporation's second generation of its python bindings for Oracle. DCOracle2 is written to use the OCI 8 API, not the OCI 7 API that DCOracle uses, giving DCOracle2 compatibility with more advanced features in newer generations of the Oracle software.


DCOracle2 1.1 is now released, available at in ZIP and tar.gz formats. This release is a unified source/binary distribution; the script will attempt to copy the proper binary in place for execution on your system.


  • DCOracle2 source
  • DCOracle2 binaries for Oracle 8i (Windows, Solaris, Linux)
  • ZOracleDA (the Zope Database Adapter)
  • DCOracleStorage (an Oracle Storage for Zope)


After unpacking, either run to copy an appropriate binary file from the binaries directory to the DCOracle2 directory, or type make to attempt to make a new binary (unix only).

For use as ZOracleDA, copy the DCO2 directory to lib/python/Products/ZOracleDA (renaming the directory from DCO2 to ZOracleDA).


DCOracle2 is available from immediately.


Please use the issue tracker at to report any issues with DCOracle2.