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Web portal launched

Biggest zope3 based web site in Russia

MOSCOW, Russia

Пресс-релиз на русском

Key Solutions Corporation releases a new Web portal developed for 2 TV channels – “Sport” and “Planeta Sport”, subsidiaries of All-Russian State TV and Radio Company. This is the first official Web portal of TC “Sport” – Russia’s most reliable sport news supplier. Its potential audience in Russia makes 62 million people living in 72 regions of Russian Federation.

The portal consists of several projects with unified design and navigation – “News”, “Video”, TC “Sport”, “Planeta Sport”. is the official website of “Sport” TV channel.

TC “Sport” plans publishing the latest information in the sports world, video collections (Video-On-Demand), streaming video on various sports commented by the leading journalists and sports professionals. The portal offers many interactive features for its visitors, blogs of famous sportsmen, coaches and commentators. Feel free to query sports professionals and discuss the hottest events of the hour.

The purpose of the site is letting people know about every last thing going on in the sports world. An experienced team of editors and reporters in Russia and abroad work to accomplish that task.

In 2007 will observe (on-line) the main sports events of the year:

  • Russia’s Soccer Championship
  • Champions League (soccer)
  • FIBA World Basketball Championship
  • Basketball Euroleague
  • Biathlon World Cup
  • World and European championships in figure skating
  • Volleyball World League
  • World Championship in athletics
  • Russia’s championships in volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, etc.

The web portal has been developed by the specialists of "Key Solutions" corporation. They implemented the company's own framework called Hivurt, based on Zope3 application server., TC Sport's official website, is Russia's first major public site created on that technology. Many factors made us choose that framework, among which efficiency, development speed and scalability. We would also like to stress using open Zope Public License and readiness of the technology for the corporate market.

Zope is an open source application server oriented for highly productive corporate Internet and Intranet systems. Zope is based on a popular high-level object-oriented programming language Python ( ). The core of Zope is ZODB, its object-oriented database. Component architecture of Zope 3 is unique for similar products and allows building flexible and scalable corporate systems meant to grow while development expenses do not grow when projects get larger.

About TC “Sport”

TC “Sport” is the first state sports channel in Russia. The channel broadcasts 24/7. “Sport” boasts its high-quality production base and unique team of sports professionals. TC “Sport” has the rights to broadcast the main sports events of Russia and the world. “Sport” collaborates with the leading international sports organizations and with all Russian sports federations.

About “Key Solutions”

“Key Solutions” is an open source company. The company was found in 2004 as a team of high class professionals working in the business since 2000. Key Solutions team was made of profound visionaries, programmers and community managers. Open source software use allows the company to create unique solutions ready to be parts of business processes. And making solutions using open license products provides more security to the clients and gives access to the new ideas.

The project site:
The company site: