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Folder icon RimI - Rathaus im Internet

Application framework to build internet portals for the german government and public administration services - the first real open source project.

The goal of RimI is to give a free, independent and secure open source software framework to build turn key internet portals for the exact needs of the government and public services in germany.

Most of commercial solutions are quite to slow and technically bad in developement and didnt give the cutomers (administrations and countries) free choice as official needed by the administrational units in the german countries.

They all lack of standards and "cook their own soup" to block any interoperational standards with other software packages and solutions and depends the user to go long year contracts with one monopolistic - over the time more and more expensive - company.

RimI provides:

  • a full featured forms-server - document management - content management functions by a specialized CMS - any needed XML interfaces, database dadapters and a very flexible administrational database to easy manage, search and present organisational data. - automatic, fast and secured message handling to and beetween the units and the poeples - flexible and automativ presentation all kind of data in any media types and formats as requested by the users - simple interchange of data

It save all data object orientated in XML databases and structures. With the help of well documented and formed interfaces it should make it very easy an cost efficient to integrate the whole portal solution into the existing or new IT structures as same as building the required middleware too.

RimI will fit all the specifications as needed from the german and EU laws (like about security, BITV / accessibility and more).

The form server of RimI make it easy to build, handle and interchange new or existing RimI forms for presentation in the differentest available media types like the web, print/PDF and Office formates, mobile web and XML formates. All aspects and features of official digital signature standards are still in implementation and any further standards and needs would be solved/added flexible and fast.

The project is still under active developement and we are looking for any contributors of work, code and ideas - so feel free to contact and help us!

Government or public services can still get first test releases from us or participate in the testing process by using the next versions of RimI during the developement process.

Maintainer: Niels Dettenbach

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 RimI - Rathaus im Internet Edit object Link 1 K 2005-12-31 published
 RimI looks 4 open source devels Edit object News Item 5 K 2005-12-31 published
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