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Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server (CPS)

Nuxeo CPS® is an extensive collaborative Web content management system (CMS) implemented on top of Zope. Nuxeo CPS® enables organizations to easily, quickly and efficiently implement collaborative intranet, extranet or internet applications.

Nuxeo CPS® makes it easy for all contributors and administrators to deploy, maintain and update Web sites via the Internet or from inside the organization without any particular IT knowledge. With Nuxeo CPS®, organizations can refocus on their core business and use the Web as a value-adding tool. "Nuxeo CPS® revives web strategies belonging to organizations by offering accessible and easily understandable functions to end users. Our goal is to reduce the time-to-Web publication and to put information holders back into the heart of the content production process in order to have more participation" declares Stefane Fermigier, CEO of Nuxeo.

Managing web sites is above all a team activity. Nuxeo CPS® offers many functionalities that enable a collaborative work. Many people contributing can therefore create content within virtual workspaces, and then publish it on the Web site after passing through different steps of a dedicated workflow. Therefore it is possible to organize the production of the content in a functional manner and to present the information to the internet users according to striking themes that are previously defined by the marketing or communication team.

The generation of web pages and of the structure of hierarchies is dynamic and relies on a strict separation between the content, the presentation of data and the logic that applies to it. The web designer and the content producers can work together, without any risk that the modifications brought by one will affect the others work.

Web surfers can view the information that is delivered on Nuxeo CPS®. Once they are authenticated they also have access to advanced personalized functions throughout an integrated portal. A search engine is also available for users and enables them to optimize their access to information. This engine indexes documents in real time once they are put on line.

Nuxeo CPS® is a system that is definitely user friendly and enables organizations to be responsive on the web and emphasizes collaboration. Nuxeo CPS® gives the opportunity to go from a culture based on office automation to a culture based on creation and sharing of information.

Nuxeo CPS® is a free software that can be downloaded at any time at the following address:

For more information on Nuxeo CPS®, a white paper with a detailed description of the functioning characteristics of the product is available at the following address:

The main functioning characteristics of Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server®

  • Collaborative publication of documents
  • Indexation and previewing of office automation documents (MS Office, StarOffice,, PDF, RTF, XML, etc. ).
  • Integrated search engine
  • Versioning
  • Mailing lists
  • Workflow
  • Integrated Meta Directory
  • Security (based on roles)

Latest Release:
Last Updated: 2003-08-12 11:29:45
Author: nuxeo
Categories: Content Object, Internationalization, Server, User Management

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Released
CPS-2.2rc2.1   2003-08-12 11:29:45
  CPS_RELEASE_2.2_rc2.1.tgz (1.19 M) All (1.85 M) All
CPS-2.2rc2 Development   2003-08-09 09:56:23
  CPS_RELEASE_2.2_rc2.tgz (1.19 M) All (1.85 M) All
CPS-2.2rc1-pre1 Development   2003-06-13 04:09:35
  CPS-2.2rc1-pre1.tgz (1.37 M) All
2.2 beta3 Development   2003-06-12 06:54:10
  CPS_RELEASE_2.2_beta3.tgz (1.42 M) All