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BOF for Enterprise Zope at Python9

At the Python9 conference in Long Beach, we're planning on having an "Enterprise Zope" BOF (birds of a feather). Some possible topics:

  • What's up with the catalog!? (We have an answer for this. :^)
  • In what ways does ZEO provide Enterprise Zope and what is left to be done?
  • What other issues, such as better support for monitoring, are needed?
  • Are there other development paradigms, such as ZPatterns, that should be considered?
  • What are the development/deployment concerns for Enterprise Zope? (Such as production/staging server paradigm, source code control, etc.)
  • How is the new BerkeleyStorage going to help?
  • What is the role of caching?
  • Automated System Startup
  • ZEO Network Configuration
  • Apache Configuration
  • Virtual Hosting
  • Load Balancing
  • SecureAccess (SSL)
  • Secure ZEO Connections
  • Cache Management
  • Backup Procedures
  • Managing Database Growth
  • Handling Large Databases
  • Software Deployment Models
  • Software Upgrade Management
  • Log Management
  • Application Specific Logging
  • Traffic Analysis
  • 24x7 commercial support
  • Backup testing xxx