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Fixed Cadaver For Cygwin

Cadaver 0.18 For Cygwin

Lots of Zope folks are trying to escape the TEXTAREA jail by using WebDAV tools to administer content. For Windows users, there are a number of choices. Particularly, the cadaver DAV client has been ported to cygwin.

Unfortunately, cadaver 0.17 has trouble connecting to URLs with port numbers in them. This is fixed in cadaver 0.18, but 0.18 has (slight) trouble compiling under cygwin.

Matt Kromer here helped me compile and provide a cadaver 0.18.0 for cygwin binary (237 Kb). It's compiled with SSL support, netrc support, and includes the Nov 2001 contributed patch that enables filename completion via readline support.

Just unzip the file linked to above and copy cadaver.exe to the appropriate place in your cygwin path (e.g. /usr/local/bin). Enjoy, and thanks Matt!