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Folder icon Cleanskin Zope/CMF Skin

Cleanskin is a CMF skin written in ZPT. Its goals are to work correctly when viewed on the filesystem, to clean up the style cruft from previous skins, and to get rid of the toolbox actions in a separate box in the left margin.

Note that cleanskin relies on Zope 2.5.0 (beta one or higher) and CMF 1.2 (after beta one).

To quickly evaluate cleanskin, download and unpack the release, then open cleanskin/skins/cleanskin/main_template.html in a browser. A screenshot is available.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 CHANGES.txt Edit object Document 2 K 2001-12-17 published
 cleanskin 0.3 Edit object Software Release   2001-12-17 published
 INSTALL.txt Edit object Document 3 K 2001-12-17 published
 README.txt Edit object Document 5 K 2001-12-17 published
 screenshot01.png Edit object Image 39 K 2001-12-17 published