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CheckoutableTemplates 0.2.6

There's a fresh new version of CheckoutableTemplates available. I've skipped a few public releases because many things have changed drastically since the last public release. The biggest difference is the enourmous speed improvement.

To read more about the speed optimization please read: Python optimization anecdote from The truth is actually that this release of the CheckoutableTemplates does NOT use the marshal module. So it's "only" a 4-5 fold speed improvement on the storage of templates. The reason was that our Gentoo server caused a memory leak with the marshal module and that was enough to scare me away from it.

Another very important improvement is for Zope 2.6.x people. Before, if you tried to start an already running Zope it would delete the pickled template information making it impossible to use showCheckoutableTemplates on that running Zope. With this, it means that the CTConfig.dump never gets deleted. It doesn't need to be deleted unless the software has changed dramatically. You must only delete this file when Zope is not running and doing so does not matter because the next time you start Zope the file will be recreated (costing you a few extra milliseconds).

Feel free to submit some feedback about what you think about the diff feature I've squezed in on the showCheckoutableTemplates page. It works but it can be improved when time allows.

For more info about what CheckoutableTemplates is read this Documentation page To get started, download it from