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CheckoutableTemplates 0.1.8

CheckoutableTemplates is "wrapper" around PageTemplateFile and DTMLFile that makes it possible to edit and override .zpt and .dtml templates on the file system in a Python product.

CheckoutableTemplates was developed by Peter Bengtsson of Fry-IT Ltd, UK and is used in live environments. It sub-classes PageTemplateFile and DTML File and when executing it looks if there is an alternative for the file system file in the ZODB.

The original purpose was to make it possible for web designers and content managers to edit the templates that are used in a Python product. The website was developed as a Python product (instead of ZMI) to gain commandline power (jed :) and extra performance gain. All the templates defined in the product are of CheckoutableTemplate "type" so that it is possible to check out via the ZMI, editing and patched back onto the file system.

Other very important use is that multiple instances of a Python product can easily have deviating selected templates. For more info about how to use it please read the README.txt

CheckoutableTemplates also contain a HTML and CSS optimizing script that trims whitespace and comments. The README.txt shows how to use it. See Optimized-stylesheets and view the source of my personal home page


  • Localizer not (yet) supported
  • If you check out a .zpt that defines a macro, you can only test run it stand-alone

Now, proceed to CheckoutableTemplates, README.txt, CHANGES.txt, Screenshot 1, and 2

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