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Folder icon The TransWarp Software Automation Toolkit

TransWarp 0.2 Preview Release 1

Copyright (C) 2001,2002 by Phillip J. Eby, All rights reserved. This software may be used under the same terms as Zope or Python. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. Code quality varies from "alpha" to "experimental pre-alpha". :)

Package Description

TransWarp is a toolkit for software automation in Python, where the term "software automation" is considered to include CASE, code templating, metaprogramming, generative programming, subject- and aspect-oriented programming, etc. It is also a collection of frameworks which use the toolkit for integration with applications and other frameworks.

As Zope is to web publishing, as Twisted Python is to internet protocols, and as AnyGUI is to graphical user interfaces, so TransWarp is (or wants to be) to the guts of your application, whatever its external interface.

The high-level vision of TransWarp is "Metadata + Metaclasses = Programs".

Changes Since Last Release

Darn near everything. :) Read the new reference documentation (included).

System Requirements and Installation Instructions

Requires Python 2.2, and certain third-party packages. See the INSTALL.txt file for details.

For More Information...

Be sure to check out the new TransWarp Central website.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 0.1 Preview 1 Edit object Software Release   2001-02-28 published
 0.2 preview 1 Edit object Software Release   2002-03-05 published