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Folder icon Photo and Photo Folder

This product provides a Photo object and a Photo Folder object for managing digital images in Zope. Photo objects provide multiple configurable sizes of the photo. Photo Folders provide a way to manage a group of Photo objects by providing a way to specify display sizes and properties for all contained photos.

Although many ideas were taken from Andrew Lahser's Photo product (which is no longer maintained), this product is a complete rewrite designed to take its place. Read UPGRADE.txt in the distribution for information on converting old Photo product objects.

Note that the SourceForge project site no longer provides any useful services.

Be sure to read UPGRADE.txt for important information on upgrading from prior releases. An FAQ is also available.

NOTE (Feb. 27, 2005): I have decided to retire from further development of Photo. It has been over three years since the last release and I have just not had the time to work on it. I still use Photo myself with the latest Zope (currently 2.7.4) and it serves me well. I'll continue to support it as long as people want to use it with Zope 2. Soren Roug has released an updated version with some new features; you may want to check that out. There is a Photo product for Zope 3 in development that has a feature set based on my product. I look forward to what it has to offer as people migrate to Zope 3.

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