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zetadb. RAD for relational database oriented applications

zetadb is a python / zope tool that allows a rapid application development (RAD) of relational database oriented web applications. Currently, it implements PostgreSQL and MySQL support. Other database will be added in the future.

It automatically generates transladable, user friendly, and database independent zope objects to maintain data over the web. It also allow generation of data-filled OpenOffice documents.

Using zetadb you will be able to develop professional intranet / extranet business applications 4 or 5 times faster than using other more generalistic tools / languages

zetadb acts as a powerfull i*net wizard

  • For a well designed database, it is able to find tables and fields definitions
  • Using database information and some user decisions, it generates zope objects to manage data over the web
  • Resultant objects are able to list, search, filter, view, insert, update and delete records
  • Also foreign keys information is used to establish relations between table managers
  • A friendly toolbar is generated to link all the objects, and to move between records
  • Resultant objects are transparently translatable to any language using GNU gettext utilities
  • You also have all the powerfull of zope to manage users and permissions
  • If you want something more, you can edit resultant zope objects and add new functionallity

merging zope and openoffice

  • zetadb merges all the powerfull of zope with the best free office suite: OpenOffice
  • zope pages templates permits dynamize HTML, but also XML content
  • OpenOffice has an XML-based internal representation
  • zetadb allows you to create "zetadb openoffice" objects, which converts an OpenOffice document into N zope objects
  • This zope objects are translatable using zetadb methods
  • They are also dynamizeble using TAL / METAL zope languages
  • So, with zetadb, you can dynamically obtain OpenOffice documents in your i*net applications, and generate usefull and friendly reports from your database

zetadb generates database independent code

  • Applications generated using zetadb will be database independent, working on all zetadb supported databases (present and future ones)
  • zetadb generates SQL as standard as possible, using Postgresql syntax in non standard issues
  • When working with non-postgresql databases, non standard functions are converted on the fly and sended to the database in its own format
  • So, your application can me moved from one database to another without changing anything else than database creation scripts


You can download tallbars clicking here

Otherwise, you can obtain yesterday code using cvs. You should do:

cvs login

cvs co zetadb

After that, move zetadb to your zope Products directory and restart Zope

Latest Release: 0.8.3
Last Updated: 2003-12-25 07:17:48
Author: scamps
License: Other
Categories: Business, Component Developer, Database, Database Adapter, Databases, Developer, EasyApplication, Helpers, Internationalization, Internet, JavaScript, Linux, Open Source, Page Templates, SQL, Software, SoftwareProduct
Maturity: Development

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Released
zetadb-0.8.3 Development   2003-12-24 13:32:36