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What is NuxDocument ?

NuxDocument is a Zope product that represents generic documents by using plugins to convert native productivity suite formats to HTML (for viewing or previewing in a regular browser) or to plain text (for indexing).

NuxDocument is designed to run on Linux/Unix platforms, and uses external utilities wrapped in Python "plugins" to perform actual conversion.

There are currently 6 available plugins:

  • MSOffice (Word / Excel / PowerPoint)

    Needs: wvWare (, xlhtml ( and ppthtml ( too).

  • (word processor / presentation / spreadsheet)

    Needs: xsltproc from libxml2 ( and unzip.

  • RTF

    Needs: GNU unRTF (

  • PDF

    Needs: xpdf (

  • HTML
  • Dumb

Note that the lynx web browser is also needed to run most of the NuxDocument plugins.

NuxDocument is an extension of Eric Barroca's MSWordDocument. It's CMF aware but limited to Unix/Linux-like platforms. It needs external programs to actually do the conversions.

We're starting to put internationalisation into NuxDocument using Localizer (


Install the product in Products (NOT lib/python/Products!). The ZNuxDocument product should appear in the ZMI.

If you want to use NuxDocument in the CMF, it's a bit more painful. You have to:

1) Go to portal_types in the CMF, sélectionner the Contents tab, then Factory-based type information in the Add menu. Choose 'id'=NuxDocument and 'default type information'=NuxDocument: CMFNuxDocument.

2) Go to the portal_skins tool in the CMF, then the Contents tabs. Add a Filesystem Directory View. Choose Products/NuxDocument/skins/NuxDocument in the menu.

Then go to the Properties tab, and add NuxDocument after custom in each skin, then click Save.

NuxDocument should now appear in the CMF's Add Contents page.


Better MIME type support (icons, etc.)


Don't register a plugin when the appropriate external program is missing.

Improved metadata support (title, etc).

Fixed some problems with character encodings (UTF8 vs. Latin1 vs. etc.).


Fix all XXXes.

Improve metadata support (title, etc).

Provide useful error messages.

Correct bugs in file BOGUES (french).

Add a configurer ? (to set storage policy, character set policy).

Fix CMF unit tests (broken since CMF 1.3).


If you find bugs, please start by running the unit tests:

    EXPORT ZOPE_HOME=/your/zope/root
    cd Products/NuxDocument/tests

Plugin tests should all pass, except when some external tool is missing.

Send bug reports or comments to ->


Eric Barroca : implementation of MSWordDocument, beta-testing.

Jean-Paul Smets : discussion about initial plugin system design.

Dirk Datzert : initial implementation of XLS and PPT support and internationalisation support.

Juan David Ibanez Palomar : initial Localizer support.

Frank Bennett : bug report.

The Nuxeo CPS team : debugging.

Zope Corp, Pythonlabs and all the crew.

Chris H: bug report.

Florent Guillaume (Nuxeo): icon support, refactoring of plugins.

Bertrand Croq (Virtual Net): patches.

Latest Release: default
Last Updated: 2002-09-22 09:23:01
Author: ZopeOrgSite
Categories: Content Object
Maturity: Development

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Released
default Development   2002-09-22 09:23:01
  NuxDocument-0.0.1.tgz (26 K) Generic UNIX-like
  NuxDocument-0.0.2.tgz (31 K) Generic UNIX-like
  NuxDocument-0.1.1.tgz (38 K) Generic UNIX-like
  NuxDocument-0.1.2.tgz (39 K) All
  NuxDocument-0.1.tgz (38 K) Generic UNIX-like
  NuxDocument-1.0.rc1.tgz (189 K) Generic UNIX-like
1.1beta1 Development   2003-04-01 17:01:12
  NuxDocument-1.1beta1.tgz (191 K) Generic UNIX-like
1.1alpha2 Development   2003-04-01 09:43:01
  NuxDocument-1.1alpha2.tgz (191 K) Generic UNIX-like
1.1alpha Development   2002-12-02 09:57:30
  NuxDocument-1.1alpha.tgz (190 K) Generic UNIX-like
1.0alpha1 Development   2002-09-06 09:09:50
  NuxDocument-1.0alpha1 (189 K) Generic UNIX-like
1.0.alpha2 Development   2002-09-09 06:14:02
  NuxDocument-1.0.alpha2.tgz (189 K) Generic UNIX-like
0.9 pre1 Development   2002-03-08 14:23:06
  NuxDocument-0.9-pre1.tgz (190 K) Generic UNIX-like
0.9.2 Development   2002-05-27 08:31:08
  NuxDocument-0.9.2.tgz (231 K) Generic UNIX-like
0.9.1 Stable   2002-03-13 03:22:43
  NuxDocument-0.9.1.tgz (191 K) Generic UNIX-like
0.9 Stable   2002-03-11 11:54:32
  NuxDocument-0.9.tar.gz (190 K) Generic UNIX-like