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Changes to ExtFile/ExtImage

Version 2.0.2

  • Updated link and tag methods to support title and css_class keyword arguments, catching up with OFS.Image.
  • Ensure proper quoting of title and alt attributes when generating HTML link and image tags.
  • API change: The text argument of link is now subject to HTML-quoting. To pass a structure (e.g. an <img /> tag), set the structure keyword argument to True.
  • Updated manage_upload and manage_file_upload methods to also accept OFS.Image.Pdata chains.
  • Added a data property, providing (read-only) access to the ExtFile's payload.
  • Bugfix: Copying an ExtFile caused a bogus update notification.

Version 2.0

  • Dropped support for Zope < 2.9.6.
  • Use logging instead of deprecated zLOG.
  • Use extfile.ini instead of for configuration. Copy the example to INSTANCE_HOME/etc/extfile.ini if you want to make modifications.
  • The [mimetypes] section in extfile.ini can be used to override content-type -> extension mappings for cases where the system does not guess right.
  • Use event subscribers instead of manage_before/after hooks.
  • Thanks to events, repository files are now renamed when the ZODB objects are renamed and moved when the ZODB objects are moved.
  • Replaced manage_afterUpdate with ExtFileUpdated and ExtImageUpdated events respectively.
  • Dropped support for the Photo product.
  • Removed ugly colons from ZMI screens.
  • Added preview_link and thumbnail_tag methods to IExtImage.
  • Bugfix: Exceptions at a late stage of a cut/paste operation could lead to data loss.
  • Bugfix: If-Modified-Since didn't work if the time passed was equal to _p_mtime. Thanks to Daniel Nouri.

For changes in previous versions of ExtFile see doc-1.5/CHANGES.txt and doc-1.1/CHANGES.txt.