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CHANGES to ExtFile/ExtImage

Version 1.4.4

  • Fixed missing import of TemporaryFile.
  • Fixed support for the Photo product which was broken in 1.4.2. Note that you cannot use ZODB_PATH = PHYSICAL with Photos!
  • Images using the CMYK color model are converted to RGB before computing the preview. Thanks to Jan-Wijbrand Kolman.
  • 130+ unit tests.

Version 1.4.2

  • Fixed an RFC violation. See
  • Fixed "no context" detection for Zope 2.7.
  • Fixed repository umask for generated previews.
  • Stopped _createPreview() from swallowing PIL exceptions.
  • SYNC_ZODB can now use the physical path (see
  • Bundled Bjorn Nelson's utility, that can be used to bulk upload data into ExtFiles/ExtImages.
  • 120 unit tests.

Version 1.4.0

  • ExtFile and ExtImage now have interfaces properly declared.
  • ExtFile and ExtImage are now transaction-aware. File operations are performed using temporary files, which are "committed" (or removed) at the end of the transaction. This makes sure repository files are only created/modified if the transaction completes successfully.
  • 100+ unit tests.

This release was sponsored by Infrae and ETH Z├╝rich. The initial implementation came from Christian Zagrodnick of gocept. Thanks for making this possible.

Version 1.2.0

  • Made generated img tags XHTML compliant (Jan-Wijbrand Kolman).
  • Reenabled undo functionality.
  • Added upgrade instructions; see UPGRADE-1.2.0.txt.

Version 1.2.0b2

  • Included Oliver Bleutgen's patch that allows to perform a redirect if the default view is triggered unintentionally.
  • Documented the IExtFile and IExtImage interfaces.
  • More tests.

Version 1.2.0b1

  • Support for large files by eliminating StringIO.
  • Support for INSTANCE_HOME and PUT_factory.
  • Support for serving ExtImages statically via Apache (or another webserver).
  • New repository management options.
  • Automatic file extension management.
  • Configuration settings moved to a separate file,
  • Switched to new-style security declarations throughout.
  • Some API polishing.
  • Reworked upload code.
  • Ran everything through expand -4.
  • Added some tests.