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README for ExtFile/ExtImage

ExtFile/ExtImage Product, Version 1.1.x
Copyright (c) 2001 Gregor Heine ( All rights reserved.
ExtFile Home:
License: See doc-1.1/LICENSE.txt

ExtFile/ExtImage, Version 1.4.4
Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Stefan H. Holek,
ExtFile Home:
License: ZPL
Zope: 2.4-2.7

This product includes software developed by Zope Corporation for use in the Z Object Publishing Environment (

Available Documentation

Directory doc-1.1 contains README.txt, CHANGES.txt, and LICENSE.txt that shipped with version 1.1.3 of ExtFile/ExtImage.

See CHANGES for what has changed since 1.1.3, UPGRADE for how to upgrade to 1.4.4 from earlier versions.

ExtFile/ExtImage can be used to serve images directly from the repository, bypassing Zope. All you need is an appropriate Apache rewrite rule. Details can be found on the ExtFile home page.

ExtFile/ExtImage public interfaces are defined in file