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zTracker 1.0 Released

zTracker is a multi-project, bug and issue tracking system that aims to compete with the likes of trac and fogbugz, it is a standards compliant, XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.0 web application for the Zope 2 framework. It uses SQL (MySQL complete, Postgres in developing) for its storage and uses an external storage plug-in for attachment handling, which means that it does not bloat the ZODB, it is multi-user with several levels of roles and permissions.


Some of the most important features of zTracker

Multi Project

- Create as many projects as you wish in one single instance
- Control the scope of each project individually (who can "see" them, who can update it and who can create tickets in them).
- Assign existing users to projects - Users can be mapped to one or many projects, as a "ticket creator and responder" or as a "responder" os as a "viewer", remove mappings sing a simple, yet elegant administrative section
- Each project contains is own set of components, versions and miscellaneous metadata

Permission Lavel

- Projects can be made public or private.
- Any user can be assigned to a project, users have several levels of permissions, create/update tickets, update tickets only and view only.

Eye candy

Images speak for themselves, click each image for a larger version (opens in a new window)



Direct Download: