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CMFOODocument Version 0.2 Released

A new feature release of OpenOffice Documents for icoya Content & Collaboration Management has landed. With CMFOODocument OpenOffice Writer files can easily be integrated inside your Plone site. The OO-Documents are converted by XSL transformation into HTML.

Most important new features and changes:

  • A seperate css stylesheet is now created instead of putting all the css stuff inside the rendered html document.
  • We now extract images into ZODB persistently, instead of dynamic extraction on each access.
  • Extracted Images are resized using bicubic filtering, if PIL is available, instead of browser-based image resizeing.
  • A newly created OODocument contains now an empty OpenOffice Writer document which can be edited by ExternalEditor at once, so PIL can use the system to create new OpenOffice files.

Please note that Version 0.2 is a developement release. All existing OODocument instances from prior CMFOODocument releases should be kept intact. To report problems with CMFOODocument feel free to write email to

Simon Eisenmann, struktur AG is giving a talk at the LinuxForum, CeBIT on Wednesday. Take a look at this Event.

Get CMFOODocument from:

CMFOODocument is provided by struktur for icoya Content & Collaboration Management and Zope/CMF based applications as Plone.