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CMF 1.4.7 Released

Zope Corporation is pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.7 of the Zope Content Management Framework (CMF). This release consists primarily of bug fixes for version 1.4, released in April, 2003. Because one of the bugs fixed is security-related (see, we recommend that all users of CMF 1.4.6 and earlier upgrade to this version.

What is the CMF?

The Zope Content Management Framework provides a set of services and content objects useful for building highly dynamic, content-oriented portal sites. As packaged, the CMF generates a site much like the site. The CMF is intended to be easily customizable, in terms of both the types of content used and the policies and services it provides.

Where do I get it?

Download it from

Points of interest include:

Where do I go to learn more?

The CMF mailing list has many participants who are active in supporting the CMF. report bugs?

The CMF Collector is ths place to report bugs (please search for existing reports of your issue first!)

Bug Fixes in 1.4.7