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CMF Roadmap

A short description of past and future CMF releases

This document is deprecated and will not be updated

To see what's planned for the CMF, please visit the Launchpad Blueprints area for the zope-cmf project at

CMF 2.2

  • Next release: CMF 2.2.0-beta (TBD)
  • Last release: n/a
  • Release Manager: Jens Vagelpohl
  • Goals: Continue Zope 3 integration
Change Dependencies Champion
Local skin customization (take an item from the skins tool and customize it for a particular CMF site instance) Local skin customization work currently tied to the five.customerize product, which is still under development. -
Investigate releasing CMF packages as separate products - Jens Vagelpohl, Tres Seaver
Refactor existing Zope 3 views and continue converting existing old-style views to Zope 3-style views - -
Make the new Zope 3-style views the standard views Refactoring of currently converted views -
Complete Zope 3-style events work by removing any remaining manage_* code - -

CMF 2.1

  • Next release: 2.1.3-beta (TBD)
  • Last release: CMF 2.1.2 (September 13, 2008)
  • Release Manager: Jens Vagelpohl
  • Goals: Adding missing pieces to the Zope 3 integration puzzle which could not make it into the 2.0 release for time reasons.
Change Dependencies Champion
Convert more views over to Zope 3-style views - Yvo Schubbe, Jens Vagelpohl
Use of Zope 3-style container events throughout, removal of most manage_* methods. - Jens Vagelpohl, Tres Seaver
Register as many tools as possible as Zope 3-style utilities - Hanno Schlichting, Yvo Schubbe

CMF 2.0

  • Next release: CMF 2.0.1-beta (TBD)
  • Last release: CMF 2.0.0 final (April 16, 2006)
  • Release Manager: Jens Vagelpohl
  • Goals: Starting point on the way to full Zope 3/Five integration. GenericSetup integration and deprecation of CMFSetup.
Change Dependencies Champion
CMF content and CMF tools expose Zope 3-style interfaces - Yvo Schubbe
Experimental Zope3-style views for CMFDefault - Yvo Schubbe
Support for the Zope 3 i18n machinery as well as skeleton translation files for CMFDefault and CMFCalendar - Yvo Schubbe
Integration of the former CMFonFive product into CMF itself, which brings support for Zope 3 menu items as CMF actions and closer integration between Zope 3 standard macros and the CMF main template - Lennart Regebro
GenericSetup is used as a site configuration and export/import tool. GenericSetup profiles also replace Factory Type Information structures for defining content types. - Tres Seaver
DTML skins are officially deprecated and have been removed. - -

Prior CMF versions

Older versions are in community maintenance mode. This means they are no longer maintained by the CMF developer team, but community members are welcome to backport bug fixes and create releases if needed.