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Digital Creations Oracle Release Notes

    Change Oracle 8 logons to use the extended logon format.  Error
    messages from Oracle should have newline stripped (no more \012)
    Bugs fixed:

      - crash when connection string is invalid
      - number precision fix e.g. NUMBER is floating pt when no prec or scale
      - typo fix re: Stephen P. White which prevented certain types of
        select insertions
      - LOB release leaked memory re: Doug Hellmann

    Note: oci error string which occur during logon/logoff are copied to stderr


    This release adds support for statement handles using the
    db.prepare() syntax.

    Bugs fixed:

      - Various LONG/LONG RAW mishandlings in return machinery.


    This is a bug fix release

    Bugs fixed:

      - When connecting to Oracle 8, connection strings
        with a server name were not  parsed correctly.

      - Connection errors were reported incorrectly.


    This release adds Oracle large object (LOB) support when used with
    Oracle 8.


    The organization os the release has changed substantially to
    reflect the gact that it is an open source release.

    Bug Fixes

      - Connection to Oracle 7 databases failed due to details in
        passing unused arguments to the database logon call.

      - dbi.dbiDate did not handle time time and some string inputs to
        it's constructor properly. 

      - Stored procedure support was completely broken.


      - Added two new database utility methods:

         objects(system=0) -- Get names and types for user or system objects.

	 getSource(proc) -- Get the source for a named procedure or function.

      - When passing a single argument to a cursor (or database)
        execute method, the single argument need not be tuplated.

	For example::

          c.execute('select from friends where name=:p1', 'Guido')

        is equivalent to::

          c.execute('select from friends where name=:p1', ('Guido',))

      - Now use defered parse mode which reduces communication
        with the database server by defering certain communication.
        This may speed things up quite a bit.


    This is the first release of the Digital Creations Oracle Package.