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Dublin Core Elements

The Dublin Core metadata element set is a standard for cross-domain information resource description.
Element Description Value
Identifier resource ID
Title resource name Netscape Server CGI Authorization Patch
Description resource summary NSCGI Plugin The Netscape Server CGI Authorization Plugin is an NSAPI add-in module which fixes a "feature" of Netscape Enterprise & FastTrack web servers which prevents CGI scripts from receiving a WWW client's HTTP_AUTHORIZATION header in the environment which it uses as it runs (meaning that you cannot control or verify authorization from a CGI script -- any authorized users & passwords must be explicitly registered in a server password database via the admin server in order to implement restricted access to CGI scripts). This is unacceptable in any dynamic application which needs to manage it's own access control. This NSAPI plugin is a work-around which finds any HTTP_AUTHORIZATION headers in a request, and makes the value of this header available to CGI scripts by copying it to the environment variable HTTP_CGI_AUTHORIZATION. Please see the "README":README file for more details.
Creator resource creator ZopeOrgSite
Date default date 2000-07-21 05:22:28
Format resource format text/html
Type resource type Software Package
Subject resource keywords Helpers
Contributors resource collaborators
Language resource language
Publisher resource publisher No publisher
Rights resource copyright

Additional Zope Elements

Element Description Value
CreationDate date resource created 2000-07-21 05:22:28
ModificationDate date resource last modified 2000-07-21 05:22:28
EffectiveDate date resource becomes effective None
ExpirationDate date resource expires None

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