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This document is an "inception" document, outlining the charter and goals for DigitalCreations? proposed initiative to bring the PortalToolkit? to fruition.


The charter of this project is to build an open-source content management system upon the core of the existing PTK. In particular, the main deliverable will be a "product" (as distinct from a "platform" such as Zope), usable "out-of-the-box" in the CMS / WebPortal? / KnowledgeManagement? market.


  • Collimation

    • it's a "product", not a "platform",

    • aimed at the ContentManager?, not the WebDeveloper?,

    • requiring little or no configuration to get working,

    • "self-revealing" to the ContentManager?,

    • establishing clearly-delineated roles for its users.

  • Communication

    • Foster the community which has formed around PTK, build on their contributions, and ensure they win, too.

    • Improve and formalize our process for working in a fishbowl.

    • Reduce "barriers to entry" by embracing standards and conventions

  • Credibility

    • Achieve "shrink-wrap" credibility in the ContentManagementSystem? market.

    • Leverage Zope's architectural strengths to position the product favorably against its competition: Vignette, Interwoven, Spectra, etc.


The CMS/PTK will provide a coherent set of services to the ContentManager?.

  • Membership

    • Online signup

    • multiple user sources

    • home folder

    • personalization

  • Cataloging

    • Fielded indexes

    • Full-text indexes

    • Topics, qua "virtual folders"

    • Transactional, therefore automagically in synch

    • Role-based results

  • Workflow

  • Integration

    • Object-relational, LDAP, SMB, WebDAV?

  • Syndication

    • RSS

  • Security

  • Clustering


This is exactly what I have outlined on If you download my abstraction model .pdf, you can see what I am proposing. I have already started to implement some of this into the PTK with ZopeFish. - Scott B. I have also started a ZWiki that is about Zope Fish and the abstraction model at ZFwiki