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Zope changes

  This file contains change information for the current Zope release. 
  Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found in the
  file HISTORY.txt.

    Zope 2.2.0 beta 1
      Features Changed

        - Split the old CHANGES.txt into two files. CHANGES.txt will 
          now contain only change information for the current Zope 
          release. Change information for older versions is now in 
          the file HISTORY.txt.

        - Added basic internal support for mountable databases. A separate 
          product will still be required to make use of this ability.

        - Added a new "history" tab to selected objects (DTML methods and
          documents for now) that provides access to previous versions 
          through the web.

        - The property management screens now include the types for
          existing properties.

        - Added support at Python level for user-defined
          __get/set/delattr__ methods on persistent objects. These
          have essentially the same semantics as for Python, except
          that overridden __set/delattr__ methods must explicitly
          signal changes that should be persistent.

        - Better error messages and syslog capabilities were added to 
          pcgi-wrapper (thanks to Jeff Rush).

        - Calls to the ZLogger system were added to the user authentication
          process to help sys admins diagnose login problems (thanks again
          to Jeff Rush).

        - The Undo view shows *only* transactions performed in the
          place where undo was performed. (As before, it also
          shows only transactions performed by users defined in the
          place where the undo user is defined.)

        - The way that transaction logging is done was changed to make
          transaction logs based on "physical" object and user
          paths. This was necessary to make undo work properly in the
          presense of virtual hosts.

        - A number of hooks have been added and changes made to
          support products that implement virtual hosts. Keep an eye on

        - The distributions now have an Extensions directory by default.

      Bugs Fixed

        - Added type checking to the constructor and edit methods of
          builtin Zope object types to prevent inappropriate passing
          of acquisition-wrapped objects for standard attributes (like 
          title, etc.). A similar restriction was added to prevent the
          adding of wrapped objects as properties.

        - Fixed a naming bug in MailHost that caused simple_send to

        - Fixed a buglet in the rename form that caused the form to submit
          to the old manage_renameObject if the user just hit the enter 
          key in the browser on a single item rename.

        - A bug that caused the tabs to disappear after performing cache
          management operations was fixed.

        - A problem that prevented multiple Zope instances from running 
          at the same time on win32 was fixed.

        - An algorithm in medusa's code was updated to 
          improve startup time on certain platforms.

        - The behavior of manage_editProperties on PropertyManagers and
          PropertySheets has been fixed so that existing properties that
          are not found in the update request are not reset to empty 

        - A problem that disallowed access to the individual records in 
          a result set from a SQL method was fixed.

        - A problem that caused the query template for an SQL method to
          be rendered twice when used from the "test" tab has been fixed.

        - Fix for bug #1270: Netscape Image Problems. Added casts to long 
          to avoid an overflow error caused when trying to convert dates 
          sent by certain versions of Netscape in the If-Modified-Since 

        - Corrected to recognize years specified as 00 through
          69 as 2000 through 2069.

        - A bug that made objects named in dtml namespaces always fail 
          security validation was fixed. This was noticed by folks trying
          to use manage_tabs from ZClasses who hit the bug because the
          manage_tags document uses a namespace: 
          <dtml-with "_(manage_options=...">

        - A change to pcgi_publisher was made to support FreeBSD, where
          send() will send only 8192 bytes at a time.

        - A bug that broke import in the alpha was fixed.

        - A bug in the transaction handling logic could cause infinite
          loops if objects were registered incorrectly.

        - A bug in the transaction machinery could cause objects to
          be aborted multiple times if errors occurred.

        - Logging via syslog now correctly captures the process id.

        - Adding User Folders and MailHosts from the management screens 
          didn't redirect to the correct URL after adding the object.

        - A form problem that prevented joining or leaving versions 
          has been fixed.

        - A more reasonable default content type is now used for HEAD 
          requests on DTML objects if the object does not have a 
          content_type attribute or a file-extension-like id that can 
          be used to determine content type.

        - HTTP HEAD handling was inconsistent for collections, depending
          on whether the "default document" (index_html) was acquired or