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Zope changes

  This file contains change information for the current Zope release. 
  Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found in the
  file HISTORY.txt.

    Zope 2.2.1 beta 1
      Bugs Fixed

        - FileStorage-based databases became corrupted when their 
          size grew beyond 2GB.

        - FileStorage-based databases could be corrupted if
          transaction descriptions or transaction extended meta-data
          exceeded 64KB in size.

        - Some relational database adapters use an older version of 
          a results class in Shared.DC.ZRDB. The RDB-format based 
          results class was missing a needed security assertion to 
          allow access to result data.

        - Missing security assertions in the ZDOM module caused 
          unauthorized errors for things trying to use ZDOM (such 
          as XMLDocument).

        - A bug in the registration of help content caused unnecessary 
          transactions to be written at startup.

        - The machinery for guessing content types ignored default 
          values passed in explicitly.

        - A problem in the Find machinery removed the acquisition 
          context from subobjects, causing permission checking to 

        - There was a hard-coded unix path separator in the logic 
          for initializing special dtml objects from files.

        - The ordering of tabs on some management screens was changed 
          inadvertantly during the 2.2 development cycle. The ordering 
          has been tweaked to conform more closely to earlier releases.

        - The strftime() method of DateTime objects was changed so that 
          it formats based on the current timezone representation of a 
          given DateTime object. This is now also the case when formatting 
          DateTimes from DTML using the fmt="..." construct (which uses 
          the strftime method under the hood). Previously, strftime 
          converted to GMT, which was inconsistent with other formatting 
          methods and caused problems for people. Those who actually do 
          want the date to be formatted in GMT can use: myDate.toZone('GMT') 
          to get a version of the object represented in GMT and then call 
          the formatting methods on that object.

        - Permissions were not properly defined for the new history
          vew in DTMLMethods and DTMLDocuments.  This caused many
          useful features to be available only to managers and others
          to be available only to those with undo priveledges.  A new
          permission, "View History" has been added for viewing
          historical changes and you can copy historical versions to
          the present if yo can edit DTMLDocuments or DTMLMethods.

        - The new traversal method, restrictedTraverse was private, 
          but should have been public. It also didn't check access to
          the root object when an absolute path was used.

        - The roles (and only the roles) "Manager" and "Anonymous"
          had the "Access contents information" permission on the root
          application object regardless of permission settings made
          through the management interface.

        - A ZCatalog bug which was symptomized by a "KeyError" during a
          searchResults query was squished by changing some exception
          handling in the cataloging machinery.

        - Version's chose their names based on absolute_url, which depends
          on access method, rather than physical path.

        - A fix for socket.connect() calls in preparation for Python 2.0 was 
          accidentally applied to a wrong part of in ZPublisher.

        - The "distribution" tab for ZClass-based products has been changed
          to allow creation of redistributable products.

        - DAV property sheets were not correctly associated with permissions, 
          which cause Unauthorized errors when iterating over propertysheets 
          under the new security model.

        - Some patches to PCGI added in the 2.2 development cycle to support 
          things like syslog connectivity were backed out due to problems 
          on certain platforms. The patches may make it back in the future 
          after the issues are resolved and broader platform testing can 
          be done.

        - The new security machinery did not allow REQUEST to be accessed
          when it was acquired. This didn't prevent access to REQUEST, but
          made the access eccessively expensive.

        - Fixed the display order of the Zope tutorial topics.

        - Fixed the help system menu frame to not use standard html
          header and footer.

        - Products that have not been updated to define an 'initialize' 
          method to do product initialization were not filtered correctly 
          by permission in the filtered object add list.

        - Exception logging was added to catalog to catch "shouldnt happen"
          sorts of events.

        - Text indexes did not recognize boolean connectives (and, not) 
          if they were mixed-case.

        - Fixed Tutorial bug that caused win98 to crash with adding a

        - Fixed to avoid overwriting existing service start 
          parameters at install time on win32.

        - The deprecated alias getSize() was added back to Image and DTML
          objects (existing products still depend on it).

        - Cleaned up a DocumentTemplate namespace issue.  Fixed QuickStart.

        - Removed old validation code in cDocumentTemplate.

        - In ZCatalog, it was possible for stemming on single-word search 
          queries to be handled incorrectly and produce no results.

        - A problem in the url traversal machinery caused strange errors 
          in cases where the root of the site was requested but had no 
          index_html instead of the expected Not Found error.

        - ZCatalog objects did not implement the searchable object 
          interface correctly.

        - XML (database) import sometimes failed, especially with
          ZClass instances.  

        - XML (database) export didn't properly handle strings that contained
          the string "\n".

        - The <base> tag insertion machinery failed if the request result 
          had content-type with a charset attribute (thanks to Dieter 

        - A long-standing bug that caused a "resource not found" error when 
          trying to instantiate a ZClass inside of another ZClass was 
          fixed. Hooray for Chris McDonough :^)

        - In certain circumstances it was possible for the manage_afterAdd 
          and other manage_after* methods to get into an infinite loop by 
          essentially acquiring themselves in cases where subobjects did 
          not implement those protocols.

        - The sqlvar tag produced misleading error messages when an 
          expression caused an exception during rendering.

        - RFC1123 dates were not formatted correctly in the webdav.client 

        - Made the ObjectManager class inherit from Traversable (which
          exposes unrestrictedTraverse).  ObjectManager-type items which
          didn't inherit from SimpleItem.Item had problems with 
          Management.Tabs producing the right views for manage_options
          before this was in there.

        - FileStorage-based databases got into an unusable state if
          available disk space was exceeded.  This problem could
	  lead to database corruption.