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Zope changes

  This file contains change information for the current Zope release. 
  Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found in the
  file HISTORY.txt.

    Zope 2.2.5

      Bugs fixed

        - Corrected a mounted database connection leak.  The reference
          to the sub-connection was occasionally being garbage collected,
          meaning the sub-connection never get closed and Zope eventually
          used up all connections from the pool.

    Zope 2.2.5 beta 1

      Bugs fixed

        - Secured the hole that was patched by Hotfix_2000-12-08.

        - A bug in ZServer caused concurrent POST requests to overwrite
          each others incoming data, leading to 'AttributeError: data'

        - The ZSQLMethods code to handle query caching had a bug 
          that could cause a KeyError in certain cicumstances.

        - A dumb algorithm in the basic user folder interface caused a 
          reverse dns lookup to be done for each user in a user folder
          if domain-based matching was being used. This could cause a 
          real lag for sites with large user folders doing domain 

        - The "View" management page for Image objects generated an 
          incorrect link to the image object (though it often happened
          to work thanks to acquisition).

        - Import only looked for files in INSTANCE_HOME/import.  Now,
          if the file is not found there it looks in SOFTWARE_HOME/import.

	- Fixed situation where the Catalog would attempt to loop over 
	  a bucket as if it were a list, which won't work.  This was
	  reported by Steve Alexander with a patch (#1586).

        - It was not possible to access the 'manage_access' screen for
          a custom propertysheet on an instance. Thanks to Steve 
          Alexander for this one as well.

        - The checkboxes on the "Add ZClass" form were being reset after 
          every base class addition.

        - A WebDAV support bug that caused authentication to fail for 
          MOVE and COPY (and possibly other) requests was fixed.

        - The WebDAV support was setting an extra HTTP 'Connection' 
          header when Zope was running under ZSever, because ZServer 
          didn't handle that correctly back when the DAV code was written.

        - Several other DAV-related fixes were made to address bugs 
          discovered in the course of using Zope with several DAV 
          clients. The DAV support now generates a faux creation 
          date property to make Adobe GoLive happy.

        - A bug in state diffing in the Tree tag when a tuple was passed
          in instead of a list was fixed.

        - Corrected local role computation (Hotfix 2000-12-15).

        - Fixed protection of the update_data method of File / Image
          objects (Hotfix 2000-12-18).

        - The content_type argument passed to manage_addImage or 
          manage_addFile was ineffective.

        - The Image.tag() and ZopeAttributionButton methods now return an
          image tag that is XHTML compatible; a space and a slash have been

        - Long running processes spawned via os.system() from Zope code 
          could hang the request that spawned them due to inheritance of 
          open file descriptors. Thanks to Dieter Maurer for a fix for 
          ZServer to set the close-on-exec flag on ZServer sockets.

        - Some of ZServer's medusa underpinnings were outputting various
          'WARNING' messages that should have been ignorable and caused 
          confusion for new Zope users. The startup messages have been 
          fixed to avoid spewing things that scare newbies unnecessarily.

        - SQLAlias objects were leaking when a database column was 
          accessed via an aliased name. This was tracked down to a 
          subtle bug in ExtensionClass.

        - A packing bug could, on rare occasions, cause corruption of
          transactions committed while the database was being
          packed. This corruption wouldn't show up until the database
          was scanned, either on startup without an index, or on
          subsequent packs. The actual data records were correct in
          most cases, but contained invalid file pointers to their
          transaction or other record data.  The problem could be
          corrected using the FileStorage recovery tool,