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Zope Changes

  This file contains change information for the current Zope release. 
  Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found in the
  file HISTORY.txt.

        - WebDAV: Zope escaped nested object properties derived from
          internal dav__* functions in although they
          are considered to be safe and do not need any escaping. This 
          caused Zope to be completely incomplete with Windows XP. Fixed !

        - WebDAV: '(' and ')' are now allowed in Ids for Zope objects.
          This is needed when one tries to duplicate files using cut&paste
          through Microsoft webfolders.

        - Adding new indexes to the ZCatalog using the ZMI did not
          work properly with disabled Javascript.

        - STXNG: fixed wrong conversion of literals starting and 
          ending with underlines. Also added complete reworked

        - Zope installation updated from pre-2.4 installation did
          not show the WebDAV LockManager entry in the Control Panel. 

	- Corrected case where the accelerated security in DTMLMethod
	  could be removed twice, causing a KeyError (successive removals
	  do not complain).  Steve Alexander provided a better patch,
	  now incorporated.

        - Fixed a BTree storage leak.

    Zope 2.4.2

        - repaired unit tests for documenttemplate, datetime, and
          zcatalog;  removed a glitch in one test which was causing
          spurious failures in others.  all unit tests pass!

        - Zope Find did not find objects located within ZClass
          objects. Thanks to Anthony Baxter for fixing this.

        - The xml escaping logic for DAV properties failed to escape
          special xml characters in certain cases. The xml generation
          of properties for PROPFIND requests also failed for
          properties of type 'tokens' that contained non-string items.

        - Lock-null resources did not support the PROPFIND DAV command
          per RFC 2518, which caused some clients (Dreamweaver for
          one) to be unable to create new objects via WebDAV. Thanks
          to Terry Kerr for working this out.

        - "Not Found" errors due to missing docstrings on objects made
          it difficult to figure out the true cause of the error. The 
          handling of missing docstrings has been changed so that the
          reason for the "Not Found" is clear whether or not the
          server is running in debug mode.

        - DebugLogger, the machinery which writes messages for "detailed"
          (aka "Big M") log files now writes out a "U" message on system

        - queries for the PathIndex can now specified as tuple (path,level).
          the level parameter inside a query overrides the optional 
          'level' parameter for a complete search request.

        - XXBucket.values() returned the keys instead of the values.

        - Collector #420, 1326, 2509, and maybe others: manage_workspace
          redirected to index_html when no authentication credentials
          were presented by the user.  Thanks to < Dominique.Dutoit
          at > for the correction.

        - Collector #2548: ComputedAttribute extension was not included in

        - Fixed dtml-in online help documentation to include
          information about sort_exp and reverse_expr attributes.

        - Fixed dtml-sqlvar, dtml-sqltest, and dtml-sqlgroup online
          help documentation to better explain the difference between "nb"
          and "string".

        - Re-applied Medusa patch to allow proxy-like HTTP requests
          (GET http://hostname:port/ HTTP/1.0)

        - Locale support in STXNG has been broken (since 2.4.0).

        - Corrected aq_inContextOf().  The former code returned the
          incorrect result if the context object was the root of the
          hierarchy, a condition which normally does not occur in Zope,
          but can occur in scripts.

        - Fixed bad interaction between ZCatalog and dtml-in (submitted by
          Steve Alexander)

        - Fixed bug in ZODB conflict resolution code where attempts to
          resolve conflicts in ZClasses generated inapprorpriate errors.
          (ChrisM, thanks to Lance Carito for finding).
        - Fixed the ZMI for viewing legacy ZCatalogs that still use SearchIndex
          indexes. (stevea)
        - Cleaned up ZCatalog API to make it more internally consistent, added
          some missing permissions, and left in deprecated methods for
          compatibility with the pre-clean-up API.
          You can now pass a string or a sequence of strings to methods such as
          manage_delColumn and manage_clearIndex. (stevea)

        - Multiple links in a paragraph with mixed link notation
          (quotation+colon+URL or quotation+comma+whitespace+URL) did not
          work properly (thanks to Alastair Burt for reporting and submitting 
          the patch).

        - Added updated and enhanced testsuite for STXNG.
        - Fixed typo in medusa/, where mktime was getting nine
          arguments, where it expected a nine-tuple. Thanks to Terry Kerr
          for the patch. (stevea)

    Zope 2.4.1

      Bugs fixed

       - The ZPL has been updated to version 1.1. The changes are:

         - Appearances of "Digital Creations" changed to "Zope

         - Open Source(tm) changed to just open source

         - The request for attribution clause has been dropped

         - Version number bumped to 1.1

       - Collector # 2554: Version variables were not html quoted on
         ZMI manage_tabs.

       - Collector #2536.  Fixed requestprofiler false output problem 
         whereby requestprofiler could mistakenly ignore requests that
         had the same id in long logs. Thanks to Dyon Balding!

       - Collector #2523: Returning a tuple from __bobo_traverse__ was

       - Collector #2532: ZCatalog.availableSplitters is now protected
         by security mechanism.

    Zope 2.4.1 beta 1

      Bugs fixed

        - Collector #2412: a read-only FileStorage has not been closed

        - Collector #2438:  Using a slice operation like [30:] on a 
          ZCatalog search result caused a MemoryError because 
          the __getslice__ implementation used  range() instead
          of xrange().

        - Collector #2423: Searching a FieldIndexes for documents
          with a blank string has been broken.

        - Collector #2347: there was no interface for incrementally
          refreshing a ZCatalog.

        - Collector #2336: Quoting and globbing in non-trivial queries
          were broken.  All tests now pass.

        - Collector #2427, 2429: Tests for keys() was missing.
          Incorporated Chris Withers' fix.

        - WebDAV Lockmanager was not working due to a Python 2.1 

        - Collector #2482: A COPY operation through WebDAV on a locked
          resource left the destination resource in a locked state
          so any WebDAV client  was unable to unlock the destination 
          object. Locks are now cleared from the destination object.

        - Collector #2481: adjusted punctuation for link generation
          (not working with ! inside quoted text)

        - Error message AttributeError/_v_blocks when a DTMLfile is
          not present or could not be read replaced by a more
          informative message.

        - Simplified the way product refresh happens.  Instead of using
          the reload() function, we just remove the appropriate modules
          from sys.modules.  This ensures that modules are loaded in the
          correct order.

        - Fixes to Splitter interfaces to work correctly under MacOSX

        - Collector #2497: SERVER_PROTOCOL variable is now compliant
          with the CGI specification and looks like "HTTP/1.1" instead
          of "1.1"

        - Creation of a TextIndex ignored the vocabulary setting.

        - Fixed broken aquisition of vocabularies from a Catalog
          by a TextIndex.

        - Collector #2504: level parameter has not been passed to HTMLClass

        - default for 'orphan' attribute of <dtml-in> is now 0 instead 3.

        - Skip attempting to register APIHelp for files beginning with '_'
          (e.g., '').  Allows HelpSys to build help from a
          "real" Python package.

        - Fixed conflict resolution problem in BTrees (BTreeTemplace/

        - Fixed conflict resolution problem in BTrees (BTreeTemplace/

        - Add 'WEBDAV_SOURCE_PORT' marker key to REQUEST.env for requests
          passing through a WebDAV source port (eases detection).