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Zope Changes

  This file contains change information for the current Zope release. 
  Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found in the
  file HISTORY.txt.

  Zope 2.5.1

    New Features

      - Added the fsIndex feature.  This adds a new BTree variant,
        fsBTree, a module that uses it, and some changes
        to to use fsIndex if it exists so that the
        oid-to-offset index (pindex) is a BTree rather than a straight

      - ZODB changes necessary to support StandaloneZODB were merged

    Bugs Fixed

      - Page templates will now not expand if expand=0 is passed to them.

      - ZTUtils.Zope.Batch now has the same default orphan parameter
        as ZTUtils.Batch.Batch.  Calculation of previous batches with
        non-zero orphans is fixed.

      - Python-based Scripts that need to be recompiled for efficiency
        now emit a single, much more explanatory log entry, per run.
        The recompile() utility function works properly now.

      - Caused sqltest implementation to match help system docs
        Expression tags now work. "multiple" attribute now works.
        type="nb" attr now works.  (thanks to Christian Theune for
        the patch)

      - Fixed cAccessControl to incref __roles__ in imPermissionRole_of

      - Fixed long standing bug in PythonScript where get_size returned
        the incorrect length. This broke editing using EMACS via FTP or
        WebDAV. Thanks to John Glavin at South River Technologies for
        help finding the bug.

      - Collector #207: fixed problem with inner links in STXNG
      - Collector #210: HTML() function of StructuredText produced wrong
        <h0> tags. 

      - Collector #227: improved handling of unicode string in
        with unmodified default encoding in

      - Collector #166: ObjectManger.all_meta_types() implemented only
        an incomplete filter based on interfaces.

      - FTP: Downloading files through FTP has been broken since 2.4.0
        because the downloaded file has been stored with a HTTP 
        header at the beginning of the file. Fixed!

      - FTP: Spaces in usernames inside a FTP file listing are now
        replaced by underscores to avoid confusion with some FTP clients.

      - Added UnicodeSplitter to Windows build process

  Zope 2.5.0 Final

    Bugs Fixed

      - Fixed a BTree problem where Py_None could be returned without
        an INCREF (Thanks to Steve Alexander)

      - The edit text area for File objects was not correctly HTML quoted.

      - Added an asyncore fix for an issue that could cause ZServer to 
        hang on Linux 2.2 systems.
      - Setting proxy roles on DTMLMethods and Documents has been broken

      - Collector #99: items(), keys() and values() methods
        of IIBucket objects has been broken when called with
        min/max parameters.

      - WebDAV: The long outstanding read-only problem with WinWord
        and .html is finally solved. Zope sends now an additional ETag
        header for DTMLMethods and DTMLDocuments. Many thanks to
        Joachim Schmitz for this hint. 

      - PathIndex: fixed minor bugs, enhanced testsuite

      - DTML-MIME tag: creates now a 'Mime-Version: 1.0' to make
        some fussy email programs happy

      - utilities/requestprofiler - fixed bugs in timed mode which could
        show nonsensical results.

    Features Added

      - TextIndex/Splitters: the constructor of all three splitters
        has now three new optional parameters:

        'maxlen'=(1-256) -  to specify the maximum length of 
                            splitted words

        'singlechar'=(1|0) - allows single characters to be indexed

        'indexnumbers'=(1|0)- allows numbers to be indexed

        The default values of all parameters reflect the standard

      - Enhancements to utilites/

        Added readstats and writestats features which allow for saves and
        reuse of profile stats between runs of the requestprofiler.

        Added urlfocus mode.  Urlfocus mode presents a summary of
        activity within a period of time before and after the
        invocation of a particular URL as it was recorded in the big M
        log.  This can be useful when trying to track down a problem
        which you believe is related to some series of URL invocations
        as opposed to a single URL invocation.

      - added doc/ENVIRONMENT.txt to document all used environment
        variables Zope is using

      - Provided a much more robust tool for recovering data from
        damaged FileStorage files:

        Allow recovery of data when:

          - either transaction or data records are damaged and when

          - multiple parts of a file are damaged

        The interface has changed to not modify in place.

        Other features:

          - Progress indicator

          - Verbose output

          - optional packing

          - index creation

      - The last entry in the breadcrumb path in the ZMI is now an
        underlined hyperlink.

      - Added a new script "utitilies/" to perform
        some consistency checks on a ZCatalog instance

      - Added the following new products related to sessioning:
	- browser id manager

	- session data manager

	- transient object container

	- temporary folder

      - Zope will create default sessioning objects on startup

      - Zope will create an Examples folder on startup. This folder
      contains a collection of simple example applications.
    Bugs Fixed
      - STXNG: added '+' as allowed character inside URLs

      - enhanced the checks for 'Domains' field in the UserFolder

      - Webdav: fixed broken MOVE and COPY commands

      - Updated DTMLMethod validation support patch with version
        by Steve Alexander

      - <dtml-var "..." fmt="structured-text"> did not work 
        properly under some acquisition related reaons.

      - pre-2.5 installation could not properly migrated to 2.5 because
        of changes in the Splitter API

      - ZODB conflict errors were logged at a severity that caused
        tracebacks to be logged to the stupid log file "out of the box".
        Because conflict errors happen under normal operations, and
        their appearance in the log frequently alarms folks, typical conflict
        error logging verbiage has been reduced, and traceback logging
        has been changed to happen only at BLATHER log level, which
        means that conflict tracebacks will only be logged if
        STUPID_LOG_SEVERITY is set to -100 or lower.

  Zope 2.5 Alpha 2

    Bugs Fixed
      - New accelerated security management bugfix in App/,
        changing calling sequence to positional parameters.

      - STXNG: re-enabled inner now work also through DTML
        and not only when using STXNG standalone

      - STXNG: generated HTML is now more HTML4/XHTML compliant
        (quoted attributes, inner links)

  Zope 2.5 Alpha 1

    Features Added

      - re-enabled inner links for STXNG documents.

      - Zope installations upgraded from pre-2.4 installations
        did not show the WebDAV LockManager entry in the control panel.

      - "" script in utilities now does better analysis,

        "active" in detailed output is now slightly more meaningful.
        It is > 0 only if other requests started after it started
        but before it finished.  The greater the active count, the
        more likely it is that something was going on at the time
        in which the request ran that caused a slowdown.

        Multiple files may be analyzed at the same time.

        Also, script recognizes "U" opcode in big M logs as meaning a restart.

      - Added a "preview" field to the edit form for Image
        objects. This provides a preview of the actual image data on 
        the form to make it easier to know what you are working
        on. The preview image is scaled if necessary to be useful
        without being obtrusive.

      - Added the ability to edit File object content in a
        textarea. If the content of a File is a text type and the size
        is less than 64K (the max size for text area data in some Web
        browsers), then you can edit the content as you would a DTML
        or other text-based object.

      - New user management API for user folder objects was implemented.

        As of Zope 2.5, manage_addUser, manage_editUser and manage_delUsers
        form the official API for user management. The old grotesque way of
        using manage_users is now deprecated. 

        The default implementation of these API methods simply call the
        _doXXX versions of the methods that user folder authors have already
        implemented, which means that these APIs will work for current user
        folder implementations without any action on the part of the author.

        User folder authors that implement the new manage_XXX API can get
        rid of the old _doXXX versions of the methods, which are no longer
        required (we only use them if the new api is not directly implemented).

        API documentation for the User Folder API was also added to
        the help system.

      - Python compiler in RestrictedPython brought in sync with
        main distribution.  Made to be compatible with Python 2.2.

      - Added links in the "debugging information" control panel
        for viewing the contents of the ZODB cache.

      - Added user password encryption capability, fulfilling the
        needs described in the proposal at:
        There is now a "properties" tab in user folders where you
        can select whether passwords are stored encrypted.

      - Locale support in STXNG has been broken (since 2.4.0)

        control panel to make it easer to tell what configuration of
        Zope is running.

      - Re-applied Medusa patch to allow proxy-like HTTP requests
        (GET http://hostname:port/ HTTP/1.0)

      - Objects indexed by the PathIndex can now provide a hook or an 
        attribute with the same name as the index name to provide
        a customized path information other than using getPhysicalPath().

      - Selecting "Clear Catalog" from the ZCatalog "Advanced" did not clear
        the vocabulary associated with a TextIndex. 

      - Added updated and enhanced testsuite for STXNG.

      - added getEntryForObject() for PathIndexes. Reworked PathIndex's
        internal inverse index.

      - API help topics can now document functions as well as classes.

      - Security accelerations in c

      - Accelerated C Document Template handling; Document Templates
        can now do additional rendering in C, improving performance.

      - Unicode support for ZCatalog: 

        - added new UnicodeSplitter

        - ZCatalog now allows unicode strings as attributes
          of objects to be indexed using a TextIndex
          (see lib/python/ZCatalog/README.txt)

    Bugs fixed

      - WebDAV: Zope escaped nested object properties derived from
        internal dav__* functions in although they
        are considered to be safe and do not need any escaping. This 
        caused Zope to be completely incomplete with Windows XP. Fixed !

      - WebDAV: '(' and ')' are now allowed in Ids for Zope objects.
        This is needed when one tries to duplicate files using cut&paste
        through Microsoft webfolders.

      - Collector #2532: ZCatalog.availableSplitters is now protected
        by security mechanism.

      - Collector #2412: a read-only FileStorage has not been closed

      - Collector #2390: Objects of type 'Help Image' were not properly
        re-registered inside registerHelp().

      - Fixed broken FTP download for larger files.

      - Collector # 2396: StructuredText did not allow URLs containing "%"

      - Collector # 2397: StructuredText could not handle underlined text
        properly. Also <dtml-var stxdoc fmt="structured-text"> will no longer
        produce <html>..<body>  and </body>..</html>

      - Collector #2438:  Using a slice operation like [30:] on a 
        ZCatalog search result caused a MemoryError because 
        the __getslice__ implementation used  range() instead
        of xrange().

      - Collector #2423: Searching a FieldIndexes for documents
        with a blank string has been broken.

      - WebDAV Lockmanager was not working due to a Python 2.1 

      - Collector #2482: A COPY operation through WebDAV on a locked
        resource left the destination resource in a locked state
        so any WebDAV client  was unable to unlock the destination 
        object. Locks are now cleared from the destination object.

      - Error message AttributeError/_v_blocks when a DTMLfile is
        not present or could not be read replaced by a more
        informative message.

      - Collector #2497: SERVER_PROTOCOL variable is now compliant
        with the CGI specification and looks like "HTTP/1.1" instead
        of "1.1"

      - Creation of a TextIndex ignored the vocabulary setting.

      - Fixed broken aquisition of vocabularies from a Catalog
        by a TextIndex.

      - Collector #2504: level parameter has not been passed to HTMLClass

      - default for 'orphan' attribute of <dtml-in> is now 0 instead 3.

      - Fixed conflict resolution problem in BTrees (BTreeTemplace/

      - Collector #2524: Medusa sent "HTTP/None..." as response header when
        then HTTP version could not be determined from the HTTP request.
        Now sending "HTTP/1.0..."

      - queries for the PathIndex can now specified as tuple (path,level).
        the level parameter inside a query overrides the optional 
        'level' parameter for a complete search request.

      - Collector #2561: XXBucket.values() returned keys instead of values 

      - Fixed the API docs for user objects.

      - Fixed bad interaction between ZCatalog and dtml-in (submitted by
        Steve Alexander)
      - Multiple links in a paragraph with mixed link notation
        (quotation+colon+URL or quotation+comma+whitespace+URL) did not
        work properly (thanks to Alastair Burt for reporting and submitting 
        the patch).

      - Fixed case where complained when it tried to remove
        the accelerated DTML security validation routine after recursive