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Zope changelog.

Zope Changes

This file contains change information for the current Zope release. Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found in the file HISTORY.txt.

Zope (2006/03/29)

Bugs fixed

  • Repaired damange caused by fix to ControlPanel methods which prevented zopectl start from working.

Zope 2.8.9 (2006/03/25)

Bugs fixed

  • Collector #2294: Protected DOS-able ControlPanel methods with the same requestmethod wrapper.
  • Collector #2294: Protected various security mutators with a new postonly decorator. The decorator limits method publishing to POST requests only, and is a backport from Zope 2.11's requestmethod decorator factory.
  • Collector #2263: field2ulines did not convert empty string correctly.
  • Collector #2237: make doesn't tell you to run make inplace before running make instance.
  • Collector #2235: A number of ZCatalog methods were doing boolean evaluation of objects that implemented __len__ instead of checking them against None. Replaced a number of "if not obj" with "if obj is None".
  • Fix yet another resTructuredText glitch, and add tests (test backported from 2.9, which was not in fact vulnerable).
  • Collector #2157: Expose name of broken class in SystemError raised from __getstate__ of a broken instance.

Zope 2.8.8 (2006/07/14)

Bugs fixed

  • OFS Application: Removed deprecation warnings added in Zope 2.8.5. The warning period starts in Zope 2.9.0.
  • Collector #2136: Map ResourceLockedError to the correct response code.
  • Collector #2016: DemoStorage couldn't wrap base storages without an _oid attribute (fixed in ZODB 3.4.4).
  • Collector #2116: sequence.sort() did not work properly for locale related comparison methods
  • Collector 2077: fixed problem with ACTUAL_URL and SiteRoot
  • Collector #2073: fixed misbehaviour of OFS.Owned.changeOwnership
  • Collector #1944: HTTPRequest.resolve_url has error in raising error
  • Collector #2063: cleaned up some mess in MailHost.sendTemplate()

Other Changes

  • Updated to ZopeX3 3.0.2.
  • Updated to ZODB 3.4.4.
  • Disabled docutils / ReST file inclusion completely, rather than trying to jigger it via configuration settings.

Zope 2.8.7 (2006/05/29)

Bugs fixed

  • Collector #1429: Fix name/value traversal of ZSQL methods (backport from 2.9).
  • Collector #1447: When editing content on a virtual-hosted zope, AcceleratedHTTPCacheManager now purges the correct URL.
  • Collector #2072: Applied patch to fix problem with overly restrictive __bobo_traverse__ security and tests.
  • Applied patch by Yoshinori Okuji to fix some XML export/import problems
  • Collector #2037: fixed broken ACTUAL_URL for /
  • Collector #2039: ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.HTTPRequest._authUserPW choked on passwords which contained colons.
  • Missing import of NotFound in webdav.Resource.
  • OFS.Image: Image.update_data did not refresh the Etag.
  • Collector #940: PageTemplateFile: Open files with universal line-endings support to avoid line-endings problems within python expressions.
  • OFS.PropertyManager: Provided missing security declarations.

Other Changes

  • Updated to ZODB 3.4.3.

Zope 2.8.6 (2006/02/25)

Bugs Fixed

  • Collector #1819: fixed signature of MountedObject.SimpleTrailblazer._construct(
  • ZPublisher.BaseRequest: The publisher would happily publish attributes of type bool and complex, as well as Python 2.4's set and frozenset.
  • Collector #1991: ZPublisher did not deal properly with a trailing %20 in the URL
  • Collector #2013: improved XHTML conformance of error messages, some of which did not close <p> tags.
  • Collector #1999: fixed broken FTP rename functionality (RNFR now returns 350 as status code instead 250)
  • Collector #2002: fixed broken ls -R functionality (didn't recurse properly subclasses of OFS.Folder)

Zope 2.8.5 (2005/12/19)

Bugs Fixed

  • Collector #1939: When running as a service, Zope could potentially collect too much log output filling the NT Event Log. When that happened, a print during exception handling would cause an IOError in the restart code causing the service not to restart automatically.

    Problem is that a service/pythonw.exe process always has an invalid sys.stdout. But due to the magic of buffering, small "print" statements would not fail - but once the file actually got written to, the error happened. Never a problem when debugging, as the process has a console, and hence a valid stdout.

  • Collector #1976: FTP STOR command would load the file being uploaded in memory. Changed to use a TemporaryFile.
  • Collector #1904: On Mac OS X avoid a spurious OSError when zopectl exits.
  • CopySupport: Reverted workaround in _verifyObjectPaste. checkPermission now respects proxy roles, so the warkaround introduced to fix is no longer needed. Meta types listed in all_meta_types need a permission key.
  • Collector #1774: Harmonize the implementation of AccessControl.ZopeSecurityPolicy.checkPermission with validate, checking ownership and proxy roles if an executable object is on the stack.
  • AccessControl.SecurityInfo: Fixed problem with setPermissionDefault when the permission wasn't used anywhere else in the class to protect methods.
  • Collector #1957: Made ZPublisher.HTTPResponse._error_html return conformant XHTML.
  • Collector #1891: Backported changes to ZCatalog regression tests, removing use of whrandom (and its seed function).
  • Collector #1621, #1894: Added BBB alias for whrandom in AccessControl/ and RestrictedPython/ The alias will be removed in Zope 2.10.
  • Collector #1954: DocumentTemplate.DT_String: remove non-XHTML wart from error message.
  • Fixed unclear security declarations. Warn when an attempt is made to have a security declaration on a nonexistent method.
  • OFS Application: While deprecated since years, old-style product metadata in the did not show deprecation warnings. Added warnings and converted ZGadflyDA/ and ZSQLMethods/ to use registerClass instead.


  • The SiteErrorLog now copies exceptions to the event log by default.
  • ObjectManager now has an hasObject method to test presence. This brings it in line with BTreeFolder.
  • Made zopectl test work for software homes which do not have an "inplace" build (it used to require that be in $ZOPE_HOME/bin/; now it will use $ZOPE_HOME as a fallback).
  • Improved logging of ConflictErrors. All conflict errors are logged at INFO, with counts of how many occurred and how many were resolved. Tracebacks for all conflicts are logged a DEBUG level, although these won't help anyone much. If a conflict error is unresolved, it will now bubble up to error_log and standard_error_message.
  • Suppressed output of deprecation warning in filepath test for PythonScripts.

Zope 2.8.4 (2005/10/26)

Bugs Fixed

  • Collector #1927: Modified ZReST not to store rendered / warnings as persistent attributes, using volatile attributes instead as a cache.
  • Collector #1926: fixed a typo in _doAddUser when password encryption is enabled.
  • If a content object implemented any in-place numeric operators, untrusted code could call them, thus modifying the content.
  • If Python 2.4 is used, despite the fact that Python 2.4 is unsupported, untrusted code could use generator expressions to gain access to container items.

Zope 2.8.3 (2005/10/18)


  • ZSQLMethod.manage_main: Moved the error message that warns of a non-existing or closed database connection next to the Connection ID dropdown and present it using red to increase its visibility.
  • Update to Docutils 0.3.9 (forgotten in Zope 2.8.2)

Zope 2.8.2 (2005/10/13)

Features added

  • Collector #1118: Added syntax to dtml-sqlgroup to support flexible generation of UPDATE statements (bounty sponsored by Logicalware).
  • The @ character is now allowed in object ids (RFC 1738 allows it).

Bugs Fixed

  • OFS.Image.manage_FTPget() would str() it's .data attribute, potentially loading the whole file in memory as a string. Changed to use RESPONSE.write() iterating through the Pdata chain, just like index_html().
  • When PageTemplates have a syntax error, show the traceback output in the rendered error message.
  • Collector #1914: Hardened call_with_ns (in Products.PageTemplates.ZRPythonExpr) against namespaces from other callers than page templates.
  • Collector #1490: Added a new zope.conf option to control the character set used to encode unicode data that reaches ZPublisher without any specified encoding.
  • Collector #1895: omit var folder from recursive traversal causing trouble with DirectoryStorage.
  • disabled ".. include" directive for all the ZReST product and the reStructuredText package
  • Collector #1888: Adjust call to engine.translate to accomodate change in its signature.
  • Collector #1863: Prevent possibly sensitive information to leak via the TransientObject's __repr__ method.
  • Repaired handle_errors usage for doctests, along with the supporting debug argument passed to ZPublisher.Test.publish_module.
  • Collector #1879: applied patch by Dieter Maurer to fix a bug in ac_aquire() ignoring the default argument
  • Collector #1864, #1906: fixed header normalization in appendHeader()
  • Collector #1899: fixed migration issue when using export/import for ZCatalog instances
  • ZPublisher.Test.publish now takes a done_string argument, which is written to standard error when the request completes (forward ported from Zope 2.7 branch).
  • Collector #556: now returns null instead of None for values which are None in Python (sponsored by a bounty from Logicalware).
  • Collector #1182: BBB Forward port fix from 2.7 branch (19 months ago!), reverting guarded_getitem to pass the index argument as the name to validate. This change is not propagated to the trunk, because the resolution of #1182 specifies that the reverted behavior (i.e., passing None for item accces) is to become the standard implementation as of 2.9.
  • Collector #1877: skel/Products/README.txt inappropriately copied from CMF.
  • Collector #1871: Applied patch to support lists with records using ZTUtils.make_query()
  • AccessControl: creating a new user through "zpasswd inituser" did not work properly with a top-level user folder with enabled password encryption.
  • ZCatalog: refreshCatalog() could not be called safely from a ZEO client script
  • Catalog.clear(): fixed handling of _length attribute (caused import problems for some .zexp files e.g. Squishdot instances)
  • DateIndex now properly removes documents from both indexes if the value is None
  • Collector #1888: Some parts of the TALInterpreter would not pass a default when translating, yet expect a string back. This would cause an error (usually "NoneType has no attribute 'replace'") in the case the message was not translated.

Zope 2.8.1 (2005/08/11)

Features added

  • Interface: Added Z3 -> Z2 bridge utilities. This allows to migrate interfaces to Zope 3 style interfaces and bridge them back to oldstyle interfaces for backwards compatibility.

Bugs Fixed

  • Zope2.Startup.zopectl: fork before execv when running unit tests (don't exit the shell, if run from there).
  • TAL: MassageIDs are now handled the same way as in zope.tal.
  • DocumentTemplate: ustr no longer mangles MassageIDs. Custom string types are now returned unchanged.
  • As developed in a long thread starting at there appears to be a race bug in the Microsoft Windows socket implementation, rarely visible in ZEO and/or in ZServer/medusa/thread/ when multiple processes try to create an "asyncore trigger" simultaneously, most often (in stress tests) manifesting as a hung process. Windows-specific trigger code in both changed to work around this bug when it occurs.
  • Collector #1807: fixed memory leak in cAccessControl.guarded_getattr()

Zope 2.8.1 b1 (2005/07/28)

Features Added

  • PluginIndexes, ZCTextIndex and ZCatalog: Added some z3 interfaces.
  • Verbose security exception reporting has been folded into Zope, removing the need for the VerboseSecurity product. See the documentation for the "verbose-security" option in zope.conf.
  • "TemporaryStorage" (the storage that is used mainly to back the default sessioning database) is now MVCC capable, which essentially means that its usage will no longer generate ZODB ReadConflictErrors.

Bugs Fixed

  • Collector #1852: fixed wrong URL construction in webdav.davcmds
  • Collector #1844: fixed whitespace handling in the ZMI "Find" tab
  • Collector #1813: removed spurious inclusion of CMFBTreeFolder. in Products/BTreeFolder2 (CMFCore will include it after 1.5, with an appropriate module alias for backward compatibility).
  • Replaced all transaction.commit(1) calls by transaction.savepoint()
  • Collector #1832: UnIndex swallowed ConflictErrors.
  • Collector #1815: ZCTextIndex accepts (again) sequences of strings to be indexed.
  • Collector #1812: Fixed key error in ZSQL ZMI/Test
  • Fixed CMFBTreeFolder for CMF 1.5+
  • WebDAV COPY and MOVE did not call _notifyOfCopyTo and _postCopy hooks like it was done in OFS.CopySupport. Additionally added manage_changeOwnershipType to make MOVE behave even closer to OFS.CopySupport.
  • Collector #1548: Fix httplib usage in ZPublisher.Client.
  • Collector #1808: manage_convertIndexes no longer tries to change the index types causing some trouble with CMF.
  • manage_convertIndexes did not treat DateRangeIndexes and PathIndexes properly.
  • Updated Zope X3 to bugfix release 3.0.1
  • Updated Five to bugfix release 1.0.2 (see Products/Five/CHANGES.txt)

Zope 2.8.0 (2005/06/11)

Bugs Fixed

  • Collector #1792: applied patch for broken ZClasses
  • doc/FAQ.txt updated: should bear some resemblance to reality now. (PCGI stuff removed; error information updated; PID information updated; upgrade procedure added; some common version questions added.)
  • Collector #1770: Fixed RestructuredText subtitle
  • Collector #1803: Fixed InitializeClass for some corner case.
  • Collector #1798, issue 1: ZopeTestCase no longer tries to install products that were installed by Zope during startup.
  • Collector #1799: Avoid lying about parent's refcount when calling back into Python code.
  • Collector #889: made and operator for KeywordIndexes actually restrict results as expected (thanks to aroda for the patch!).
  • Collector #1323: applied patch to fix umask problem in zdctl
  • Updated Five to bugfix release 1.0.1 (see Products/Five/CHANGES.txt)

Zope 2.8.0 b2 (2005/05/22)

Features added

  • Made WebDAV server distinguishable from the default HTTP server both in the ZMI and in event.log.
  • Made Acquisition and derived classes play inside Python's acyclic garbage collection framework.
  • Included BTreeFolder2

Bugs fixed

  • Collector #1507/1728: Server addresses are now handled the same way on all platforms. This fixes the default binding on Windows.
  • Collector #1781: made create_mount_points ZConfig option actually work (thanks to Dieter Maurer for the patch).
  • Collector #1780: DateTime.strftime() now handles dates <= 1900 or >= 2038
  • Collector #1775: turning off debug mode by default
  • Collector #1784: fixed handling of multiple attributes in ZCTextIndex
  • Don't copy .svn directories from skeleton into an instance (thanks to Dale Hirt for the patch).
  • Collector #1776: Improved The Finder class is now used for the complete lib/python tree and has a blacklist instead of a whitelist for file extensions. So there should no longer be a need to update if modules or files are added or removed in lib/python.
  • Collector #1751: Improved error reporting reporting during the startup phase
  • Collector #1745: Fixed ZSQL error KeyError query
  • Collector #1735: fixed UnicodeDecodeError in

Zope 2.8b1 (2005/04/24)

Features added

  • Added lazy: TAL expression and fixed defer: expression for python expression
  • ZCatalog.CatalogBrains: An _unrestrictedGetObject method has been added.
  • ZODB transactions now support savepoints. See transaction/savepoint.txt. These will replace subtransactions.

Bugs fixed

  • Collector #1754: Fixed import of transaction in zopectl adduser (which wasy dying with a NameError).
  • Collector #1750: StructuredText: fixed handling of image URLs with query string
  • Collector #1748: Fixed SIGSEGV in Acquisition
  • Hotfix_20050405: classes defined in untrusted code could shadow the roles of methods defined as protected by their bases.
  • Collector #1656: Fixed enumeration within untrusted code (forward-port from 2.7 branch).
  • Collector #1721: Fixed handling of an empty indexed_attrs parameter

Zope 2.8a2 (2005/04/02)

Features added

  • ZCatalog.CatalogBrains: getObject now raises errors, rather than returning None, in cases where the path points either to a nonexistent object (in which case it raises NotFound) or to one which the user cannot access (raising Unauthorized). Sites which rely on the old behavior can restore setting a new zope.conf option, catalog-getObject-raises, to "off".

    This compatibility option will be removed in Zope 2.10.

  • PluginIndexes: the ZCatalog's "Indexes" tab now show the number of distinct values indexed by each index instead of a mixture of indexed objects versus number of distinct values. Indexes derived from UnIndex show both values within their own ZMI screen. In addition most indexes have now a "Browse" tab to browse through the list of indexed values and their occurrences.
  • FTPServer: a RNFR (rename from) request is now being responded with a 550 error code if the source file does not exist
  • Fixed ObjectManager to not swallow exceptions during object deletion (in debug mode and if the user is not Manager). This allows for better debugging, while still keeping the possibility for a Manager to delete buggy objects.
  • Added a ZConfig directive large-file-threshold to control the request content-size threshold at which a temporary file gets created. Use the same value for deciding between reading the whole request in memory or just a chunk inside webdav.NullResource.PUT().
  • RAMCacheManager: Allow invalidation of a cache entry from the Statistics view in the ZMI
  • Collector #1454/OFS.File: Accept content types ending with "javascript" as editable through the File edit form, just like text/ types
  • Zope X3 3.0.0's src/zope package is included now.
  • Five (Zope 3 integration technology for Zope 2) is included now in Products/Five.

Bugs fixed

  • Collector #1460: guarded_apply was too restrictive.
  • OFS.Traversable still used a string NotFound exception.
  • ZPublisher would fail to recognize a XML-RPC request if the content-type header included a charset parameter.
  • Forward-ported 'aq_acquire'-related fix and associated tests from Zope 2.7.4.
  • Collector #1730: XML page templates couldn't call aq_parent in path expressions.
  • Fixed brain.getObject() to correctly traverse to an object even if one of its parents is not accessible, to be close to what the Publisher does.
  • Forward ported fix for OFS.CopySupport tests which corrected signature of a faux security policy's validate method.
  • did not install the Zope compatibility module (the old Zope package has been renamed to Zope2).
  • Fixed Shared.DC.ZRDB.Results to behave with the new-style ExtensionClass. Added a test.
  • did not install the new Zope compatibility module (the Zope package has been renamedd to Zope2).
  • Collector #1507: Zope now binds again to all available IP addresses if ip-address is unset
  • Use del instead of list.remove() in Catalog.delColumn(). There can be only one column with the same name, and it could potentially break catalog metadata as remove() may remove more than one element from the list if they have the same value. Also, we already have the list index we are interested in deleting so it doesn't make sense to look up the value and call list.remove() on it.
  • Collector #1628: FTP server has been broken (directory listings did not work)
  • Collector #1705: CopySource._postCopy is never called
  • Collector #1617: Fixed crash in ZPT code (caused by improper checks in cAccessControl)
  • Collector #1683: fixing batching in the DA "Test" tab
  • Collector #1648: Fix bug in Medusa FTP
  • Collector #1667: allow max-number-of-session-objects 0 to have the same effect as setting the value via the web interface (i.e., make the number of session objects unlimited, rather than falling back to the default).
  • Collector: #1651: removed compiler warning
  • Collector #1661: make python-check-interval setting in zope.conf actually work as documented. This setting allows for important tuning opportunities for production Zope servers.
  • Collector #1657: Don't break host-based virtual hosting when purging an HTTP accelerator.
  • DTML Methods were not interoperable with the new filestream_iterator and caches based on it (FileCacheManager).
  • Collector #1655: fixed severe memory leak in TemporaryStorage
  • Collector #1407: fixed XML escaping problem introduced in 2.7.4 b1
  • Collector #1151: HTTP compression was broken on error pages
  • The REQUEST now contains a new entry ACTUAL_URL which contains the full URL without query string as it appears within the location bar of the browser. The key has been added to provide a single key that is available for vhosted and non-vhosted installations.
  • Collector #1605: VHM did not quote URLs
  • webdav.Resource: during COPY, manage_afterClone was called way too early, thus the object wasn't bound to the database and couldn't find a context. Changed to behave the same way as CopySupport.
  • RAMCacheManager: opimized performance by using cPickle instead of pickle and by using the highest pickle protocol available instead of using ASCII pickles (patch by Dieter Maurer)
  • Collector #631: Image URLs in StructuredText containing port numbers were not rendered correctly
  • Collector #1498: Don't choke on malformed cookies. Cookies of the form "foo=bar; hmm; baz=gee" will give an empty value for hmm instead of silently discarding it and the rest of the string. (Thanks to sirilyan for the patch.)
  • bin/zopectl test now uses os.execv, instead os os.system, so that options with characters that needs shell quoting doesn't break the command.
  • Collector #1219: Make XML export sane again.
  • Collector #945: Allow adding empty PythonScript instances programmatically.
  • Updated doc/UNITTEST.txt and lib/python/Testing/README.txt to reflect progress made since UNITTEST.txt was originally written.
  • Removed Version objects from the add menu. Versions are agreed to be a feature that should not be used as it is not well implemented and allows for data loss.
  • Collector #1510: Allow encoding of application/xhtml+xml pages according to the charset specified in the Content-Type header (thanks to Jacek Konieczny for the patch).
  • Collector #1599: made sqltest work with unicode strings (thanks to Peter Sabaini for the patch).
  • zopectl: fixed handling of child processes (patch by Dieter Maurer)
  • Collector #1593: fixed dumb _get_id() implementation in OFS.CopySupport that produced copy_of_copy_of....files (thanks to Alexandre Boeglin for the patch).
  • Collector #1450: files in utilities/ZODBTools are now installed during the installation process in the bin directory
  • Collector #1003: added new http-header-max-length directive to zope.conf to specific the maximum length of a HTTP request header before it is considered as a possible DoS attack and discarded.
  • Collector #1371: added new cgi-maxlen directive to zope.conf to limit the amount of form data being processed by Zope to prevent DoS attacks
  • Collector #1407: changed WebDAV display name for objects to title_or_id()
  • the trusted-proxy directive in zope.conf now also accepts hostnames instead of IP addresses only (patch by Dieter Maurer)
  • Fixed to not over-resolve symbolic links. Needed to run tests when the Products directory and a product are symlinks.
  • Collector #1583/ZReST: Fixed handling of the title attribute for non-ascii characters.
  • Collector #1577: Fixed cryptic error message in ZPublisher if a non-ASCII string is passed to a date, int, long or float property.
  • Collector #1576: Fixed Z Search Interface to use proper HTML.
  • Collector #1127: strftime did not take timezone into account.
  • Collector #1569/DateTime: Added a new ISO8601-method that will return correctly formatted ISO 8601-representations to augment the ISO method which isn't compliant with ISO 8601.
  • ZPublisher: changed some hardcoded latin1 arguments to iso-8859-15 since latin1 is obsolete.
  • Collector #1566: Installation of Zope on some older Solaris versions could fail due to a broken "echo" implementation causing the creation of a borked version.txt file.
  • Collector #934: Image and File objects are now always internally split into small chunks even when initialized from a string.
  • docutils: updated to V 0.3.5. The Zope core now contains a full copy of the docutils package except some GPLed files which can not be included with the Zope distribution due to license constraints on
  • docutils: moved from lib/python/docutils to lib/python/third_party/docutils
  • Collector #1557/OFS.Image: Introducing new alt property. The alt attribute is no longer taken from the title property but from the new alt property. The border="0" attribute is no longer part of the HTML output except specified otherwise.
  • Set a default value of '' for the new alt property as not to break existing content.
  • Collector #1511: made IPCServer show up in the Control Panel under "Network Services"
  • Collector #1443: Applied patch by Simon Eisenmann that reimplements the XML parser used in WebDAV fixing a memory leak.
  • Always unescape element contents on webdav.xmltools
  • Use saxutils to escape/unescape values for/from PROPFIND/PROPPATCH.
  • Make OFS.PropertySheet use the escaping function from webdav.xmltools.
  • Escape/unescape " and '
  • Don't escape properties stored as XML (ie: having a __xml_attrs__ metadata set by PROPPATCH) when building a PROPFIND response.
  • If a PROPPATCH element value contains only a CDATA section, store the CDATA contents only.
  • Catch AttributeErrors and KeyErrors raised from __bobo_traverse__ and convert them to NotFound. In debug mode a more verbose error message is issued, the same way it's done on attribute/item traversal.
  • Collector #1523: replace the text field for importing .zexp/.xml files with a selection list
  • Stitch newly-created object into it's container before calling it's PUT() method. This fixes an issue with OFS.File/OFS.Image that would result into reading the whole file in memory and wrapping it into a single Pdata object.
  • Import ZServer.CONNECTION_LIMIT variable inside the method that uses it. Before this, the variable was imported at the module level, thus binding it too early which would cause the ZConfig handler to have no real effect.

Zope 2.8a1 (2004/10/17)

Features added

  • Included Stefan Holek's ZopeTestCase 0.9
  • The SiteErrorLog allows you to acknowledge (or delete) exceptions, so you can reduce or clear the list without restarting your Zope server. Additionally the SiteErrorLog is covered by unit tests now.
  • Unit tests added for the SiteErrorLog.
  • UI improvement for the ZCatalog. The "catalog contents" allow you to filter the cataloged objects by path now.
  • Made follow symbolic links on POSIX systems.
  • added utilities/ to perform ZCatalog maintenance operations from the command line (through zopectl)
  • RESPONSE.setBody and RESPONSE.setStatus now accept lock parameters in the same way as RESPONSE.redirect. These prevent further calls to the methods from overwriting the previous value. This is useful when writing http proxies.
  • DateTime: new DateTime instance can be constructed from a given DateTime instance: d_new = DateTime(d_old)
  • The DateTime parser now throws a SyntaxError upon any parsing errors.
  • ZCatalog: added a new configuration option in the "Advanced" tab to provide optional logging of the progress of long running reindexing or recataloging operations.
  • made Zope.configure return the starter instance to enable other methods to be called, such as starter.setupConfiguredLoggers()
  • Improved Unicode handling in Page Templates. Template contents and title will now be saved as a Unicode string if the management_page_charset variable can be acquired and is true. The character set of an uploaded file can now be specified.
  • zopectl now accepts the -m argument to set a umask for files created by the managed process (e.g. -m 002 or --umask 002).
  • AccessControl/permission_settings() now has a new optional parameter permission to retrieve the permission settings for a particular permission.
  • The obsolete SearchIndex package has been removed
  • Traversal now supports a "post traversal hook" that get's run after traversal finished and the security context is established.
  • Using "_usage" parameters in a ZCatalog query is deprecated and logged as DeprecationWarning.
  • MailHost now has two additional properties, a user id and a password. These are used to attempt ESMTP authentication before sending a mail.
  • Folder listings in FTP now include "." as well as "..".
  • When a VHM is activated, it adds the mapping 'VIRTUAL_URL_PARTS': (SERVER_URL, BASEPATH1, virtual_url_path) to the request's other dictionary. If BASEPATH1 is empty, it is omitted from the tuple. The joined parts are also added under the key VIRTUAL_URL. Since the parts are evaluated before traversal continues, they will not reflect modifications to the path during traversal or by the addition of a default method such as index_html.
  • Extension Classes, a key Zope foundation, have been totally rewritten based on Python new-style classes.

    This change provides a number of advantages:

    • Use of new-style class features (e.g. slots, descriptors, etc.) in Zope objects. Support for object protocols (special __ methods) added since Python 1.4.
    • Support for cyclic garbage collection.
    • Ability to use new-style classes as base classes of Zope objects.
    • Pave the way for sharing code between Zope 2 and Zope 3.
    Extension classes with __of__ methods are made into Python read descriptors.

    If an extension classes is used to implement a descriptor, indirectly by implementing __of__ or directly by implementing __get__, the behavior of the descriptor will differ from ordinary descriptors in an important way. The descriptors __get__ method will be called even if the descriptor is stored on an instance of an extension class. Normally descritor __get__ methods are called only of the descriptor is stored in a class.

  • ZODB 3.3

    This is the first version of ZODB that does not require ExtensionClass.

  • Add parity method to ZTUtils Iterators.
  • Allow untrusted code to mutate ZPublisher record objects.
  • Added a "mime-types" configuration value which names a file giving additional MIME type to filename extension mappings. The "mime-types" setting may be given more than once in the configuration file; the files have the same format at the mime.types file distributed with Apache.
  • Changed the ZEO server and control process to work with a single configuration file; this is now the default way to configure these processes. (It's still possible to use separate configuration files.) The ZEO configuration file can now include a "runner" section used by the control process and ignored by the ZEO server process itself. If present, the control process can use the same configuration file.
  • ZConfig was updated to version 2.0. The new version includes two new ways to perform schema extension; of particular interest in Zope is the ability for a configuration file to "import" new schema components to allow 3rd-party components (such as storages, databases, or logging handlers) to be used.
  • The script has been replaced with which is now installed into the bin folder.

Bugs fixed

  • Removed Python 2.3.3 as valid option. ZODB 3.3 requires Python 2.3.4 or later.
  • Collector #1332: Added in-place migration of the Catalog.__len__ attribute to avoid new-style class caching problems. Instances of ZCatalog or instances of classes with ZCatalog as base class will be migrated automatically. Instances of Catalog or classes with Catalog as base class must be migrated manually by calling the migrate__len__() method on the every instance. In addition old BTree migration code (for pre-Zope 2.5 instances) has been removed. If you want to migrate from such an old version to Zope 2.8, you need to clear and reindex your ZCatalog).
  • Collector #1595: same as in Collector #1132 for indexes derived from UnIndex. Exisiting ZCatalog instances must be converted manually by calling the "manage_convertIndexes" method through-the-web for every single ZCatalog instance. See also doc/FAQ.txt (Installation, question #4)
  • Collector #1457: ZCTextIndex's QueryError and ParseError are now available for import from untrusted code.
  • Collector #1473: can now accept --username without --password
  • Collector #1491: did not create a proper header for the generated .pot file if multiple pagetemplate files were processed.
  • Collector #1477: TaintedString.strip() now implements the same signature as str.strip()
  • TAL: tal:on-error does not trap ConflictError anymore.
  • OFS.CopySupport: Enforced "Delete objects" permission during move (CMF Collector #259).
  • Removed DWIM'y attempt to filter acquired-but-not-aceessible results from guarded_getattr.
  • Collector #1267: applied patch to fix segmentation faults on x86_64 systems
  • ZReST: the charset used in the rendered HTML was not set to the corresponding output_encoding property of the ZReST instance. In addition changing the encodings through the Properties tab did not re-render the HTML.
  • Collector #1234: an exception triple passed to LOG() was not propagated properly to the logging module of Python
  • Collector #1441: Removed headers introduced to make Microsoft webfolders and office apps happy, since they make a lot of standards-compliant things unhappy AND they trick MS Office into trying to edit office files stored in Zope via WebDAV even when the user isn't allowed to edit them and is only trying to download them.
  • Collector #1445: Fixed bad interaction between -p and -v(v) options to that resulted in exceptions being printed when they shouldn't have been.
  • Collector #729: manage_main doesn't display the correct page title most of the time. It is not completely fixed but using title_or_id makes folders display the correct id as a fallback.
  • Collector #1370: Fixed html generated by Z Search interface.
  • Collector #1295: Fixed minor niglet with the Elvis tutorial.
  • added "version.txt" to to avoid untrue "unreleased version" messages within the control panel
  • Collector #1436: applied patch to fix a memory leak in cAccessControl.
  • Collector #1431: fixed NetBSD support in initgroups.c
  • Collector #1406: fixed segmentation fault by acquisition
  • Collector #1392: ExternalMethod ignored management_page_charset
  • unrestrictedTraverse() refactored to remove hasattr calls (which mask conflict errors) and for greater readability and maintainability.
  • Zope can now be embedded in C/C++ without exceptions being raised in zdoptions.
  • Collector #1213: Fixed wrong labels of cache parameters
  • Collector #1265: Fixed handling of orphans in ZTUtil.Batch
  • Collector #1293: missing address parameters within one of the server sections raise an exception.
  • Collector #1345: AcceleratedHTTPCacheManager now sends the Last-Modified header.
  • Collector #1126: ZPublisher.Converters.field2lines now using splitlines() instead of split(\n).
  • Collector #1322: fixed HTML quoting problem with ZSQL methods in
  • Collector #1124: The ZReST product now uses the same reST encoding parameters from zope.conf as the low-level reStructuredText implementation.
  • Collector #1259: removed the "uninstall" target from the Makefile since the uninstall routine could also remove non-Zope files. Because this was to dangerous it has been removed completely.
  • Collector #1299: Fixed bug in sequence.sort()
  • Collector #1159: Added test for __MACH__ to initgroups.c so the initgroups method becomes available on Mac OS X.
  • Collector #1004: text,token properties were missing in PropertyManager management page.
  • Display index name on error message when index can't be used as sort_on.
  • PUT would fail if the created object had a __len__ = 0 (eg: BTreeFolder2) and fallback to _default_put_factory. Fix by checking if the returned object is None instead.
  • Collector #1160: HTTPResponse.expireCookie() potentially didn't when an expires keyword argument was passed.
  • Collector #1289: Allow ZSQL methods to be edited via WebDAV.
  • WebDAV property values were not being properly escaped on propstat.
  • WebDAV supportedlock was not checking if the object did implement the WriteLockInterface before returning it's value.
  • reStructuredText ignored the encoding settings in zope.conf
  • ObjectManager no longer raises string exceptions
  • Collector #1260: Testing/ no longer changes the INSTANCE_HOME.
  • App.config.setConfiguration() did not update the legacy source for debug_mode, Globals.DevelopmentMode.
  • Script (Python) objects now have a _filepath attribute, also used as the __file__ global at runtime. This prevents an import problem caused by the fix to #1074.
  • Minor usability tweaks:
    • Increased FindSupport meta type selection widgets height to 8 lines
  • The DateTime module did not recognize the settings for "datetime-format".
  • Stop from recursing into the build-base directory created by
  • Collector #1074: Change Scripts' __name__ to None
  • Range searches with KeywordIndexes did not work with record-style query parameters
  • Item_w__name__ now has a working getId() method
  • PageTemplateFile now using Item_w__name__ mixin, fixing its getId() and absolute_url() methods.
  • Only one VirtualHostMonster is allowed per container.
  • Collector #1133: TreeTag choked on Ids of type long.
  • Collector #1012: A carefully crafted compressed tree state could violate size limit. Limit is no longer hardcoded.
  • Collector #1139: tal:attributes didn't escape double quotes.
  • Management interface of TopicIndexes has been completely broken
  • Collector #1129: Improper parsing of ISO8601 in DateTime.
  • Removed pervasive use of string exceptions (some may still be hiding in the woodwork, but all raise's with string literals are gone).
  • AccessControl.User used a misleading string exeception, NotImplemented, which shadowed the Python builtin.
  • Collector #426: Inconsistent, undocumented error() method.
  • Collector #799: Eliminate improper uses of SCRIPT_NAME.
  • Collector #445: Add internal global declaration for Script bindings.
  • Collector #616: Make CONTEXTS available to TALES Python expressions.
  • Collector #1074: Give Script execution context a __name__
  • Collector #1095: Allow TAL paths starting with /varname as a preferred spelling for CONTEXTS/varname.
  • Collector #391: Cut and paste now requires delete permissions.
  • Collector #331: Referenses to URL in manage_tabs was changed to REQUEST.URL to prevent accidental overriding.
  • Made the control panel properly reflect the cache-size setting of ZODB's object cache once again.
  • ConflictError was swallowed in ObjectManager by manage_beforeDelete and _delObject. This could break code expecting to do cleanups before deletion.
  • Python 2.3 BooleanType wasn't handled properly by ZTUtils marshalling and ZPublisher's converters.
  • Collector #1065: bin/ scripts didn't export HOME envars.
  • Collector #572: WebDAV GET protected by FTP Access permission. Two new methods have been added to WebDAV resources, "manage_DAVget" and "listDAVObjects". These are now used by WebDAV instead of the earlier "manage_FTPget" and "objectValues". This separates the permissions, and allows WebDAV specific overriding of these methods.
  • Collector #904: Platform specific signals in zdaemon/ (fixed by removing the "fossil" module from 2.7 branch and head).
  • Workaround for Collector #1081: The title property for objects derived from OFS.Folder or PropertyManager can now be removed and replaced with a ustring property. This allows the usage of non-ISO-8859-1 or ASCII charsets
  • Collector #951: DateTime(None) is now equal to DateTime()
  • Collector #1056: aq_acquire() ignored the default argument
  • Collector #1087: ZPT: "repeat/item/length" did not work as documented in the Zope Book.
  • Collector #721: Entities in tal:attribute values weren't properly escaped.
  • Collector #851: A bare try..except shadowed conflict errors
  • Collector #1058: Several fixes for PropertySheets when used outside ZClasses
  • Collector #1053: parseIndexRequest turned empty sequence of search terms into unrestricted search.
  • manage_tabs had a namespace problem with the acquisition of names from the manage_options variable resulting to acquire "target" and "action" from objects above in the hierachy.
  • PathIndex and TopicIndex are now using a counter for the number of indexed objects instead of using a very expensive calculation based on the keys of their indexes.
  • Collector #1039: Whitespace problem in Z2.log fixed
  • changed some bare try: except:'s in Shared.DC.ZRDB.Connection so that they now log exceptions that occur.
  • ObjectManager will now attempt to set Owner local role keyed to the user's id, rather than username.