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Hotfix-20070320 README

This hotfix corrects a cross-site scripting vulnerability in Zope2, where an attacker can use a hidden GET request to leverage a authenticated user's credentials to alter security settings and/or user accounts.

Note that this fix only protects against GET requests, any site that allows endusers to create auto-submitting forms (through javascript) will remain vulnerable.

The hotfix may be removed after upgrading to a version of Zope2 more recent than this hotfix.

Affected Versions

  • Zope 2.8.0 - 2.8.8
  • Zope 2.9.0 - 2.9.6
  • Zope 2.10.0 - 2.10.2
  • Earlier versions of Zope 2 are affected as well, but no new releases for older major Zope releases (Zope 2.7 and earlier) will be made. This Hotfix may work for older versions, but this has not been tested.

Installing the Hotfix

This hotfix is installed as a standard Zope2 product. The following examples assume that your Zope instance is located at '/var/zope/instance': please adjust according to your actual instance path. Also note that hotfix products are not intended for installation into the "software home" of your Zope.

  1. Unpack the tarball / zipfile for the Hotfix into a temporary location:
              $ cd /tmp
              $ tar xzf ~/Hotfix_20070320.tar.gz
  2. Copy or move the product directory from the unpacked directory to the Products directory of your Zope instance:
              $ cp -a /tmp/Hotfix_20070320/ /var/zope/instance/Products/
  3. Restart Zope:
              $ /var/zope/instance/bin/zopectl restart

Uninstalling the Hotfix

After upgrading Zope to one of the fixed versions, you should remove this hotfix product from your Zope instance.

  1. Remove the product directory from your instance 'Products':
              $ rm -rf /var/zope/instance/Products/Hotfix_20070320/
  2. Restart Zope:
              $ /var/zope/instance/bin/zopectl restart