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  This is a "hotfix" product. Hotfix products can be installed to 
  incorporate modifications to Zope at runtime without requiring 
  an immediate installation upgrade. Hotfix products are installed 
  just as you would install any other Zope product.

  This hotfix addresses an important security issue that affects all 
  released Zope versions up to and including Zope 2.2 final.

  The issue involves the fact that the 'subscript notation' that can 
  be used to access items of ObjectManagers (Folders) did not correctly 
  restrict return values to only actual sub items. This made it possible
  to access names that should be private from DTML (objects with names 
  beginning with the underscore '_' character). This could allow DTML 
  authors to see private implementation data structures and in certain 
  cases possibly call methods that they shouldn't have access to from 

  While we know of no instances of this issue being used to exploit a 
  site, we *highly* recommend that any Zope site running versions of 
  Zope up to and including 2.2.2  have this hotfix product installed 
  to mitigate  the issue if the site is accessible by untrusted users 
  who have DTML editing privileges.