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Welcome to the Zope Studio ZWiki.

Unfortunately the Zope Studio project has been discontinued. See Paul Everitt's post to the Zope Mozilla mailing list for the reasons why.

Current Project Status

The Zope Studio project is no longer active. This Wiki is being retained as a historical archive.

Although a snapshot of the current codebase in available (see news item below), this code is almost guaranteed not to work, as it hasn't been updated to the latest Mozilla code.


New snapshots have been created of the current CVS code. You can download them from the Zope Studio Product page. This time round, you get code that actualy works.
Paul Everitt will be presenting Zope Studio at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention this week. In order to have something to show for, all outstanding Zope Studio issues with the current Mozilla codebase have been resolved and checked into CVS. This means the the current CVS code actually does something. =)
A new step has been added to the ZopeStudioInstallation instructions, to make sure that Mozilla correctly registers the Zope Studio skin. The snapshot (which doesn't need updating) will still have bugs, due to changes in the Mozilla core. Thanks to "zig" for the issue report.
Basic Authentication in Mozilla is fixed again, and the latest snapshots allow you to log into a Zope server once more.
The first snapshot of the current CVS tree was packaged and uploaded. No longer will CVS be needed to have a glimpse at Zope-Mozilla. This is to become a weekly occurence. Note that this snapshot is almost guaranteed not to work. The code hasn't tracked current Mozilla developments. Download this code from the Zope Studio product page.

(Older items in the NewsArchive)

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