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Folder icon SiteAccess v1

The SiteAccess Product provides Virtual Hosting and related capabilities for Zope.

Do not use SiteAccess if you are using Zope 2.2.x or later. Instead, use SiteAccess 2

  • SiteRoot objects allow you to set the Base and/or Path of generated URLs. This is useful if you want to publish a sub-folder as though it were the root, or are proxying ZServer.
  • Set Access Rule allows you to designate a Method to be called any time the Folder is entered by a URL. This can be used to alter the URL, preload or preprocess request data, etc. For instance, Access Rules are used in virtual hosting to direct the request into a subfolder based on the HTTP_HOST.

All SiteAccess effects can be temporarily turned off by starting the URL path with __no_before_traverse__. This can be useful if there is a bug in an Access Rule.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 Site Access Product Edit object Software Release   2000-02-06 published
 Site Access Product Edit object Software Release   2000-03-21 published