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The Logger Product adds the tag, so that DTML code may send messages directly to Zope's logging subsystem (as documented in docs/LOGGING.txt found at the root of your Zope2 installation). One use of this tag is to help debug complex DTML and ZSQL methods.

This product is known to work with versions of Zope between 2.1 and including 2.4.3. It should also continue to work in future versions of Zope.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 Logger Edit object Software Release   2002-04-22 published
 Logger Edit object Software Release   2000-03-27 published
 Logger 1.0.3 released Edit object News Item 1 K 2002-04-22 published
 Logger Changes Edit object Document 1 K 2002-04-22 published
 Logger Product Information Edit object Document 3 K 2002-04-22 published
 Logger Product Licence Edit object Document 1 K 2002-03-21 published