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The download area for this product has moved. Please see for newer releases.

DocmaServer is a Python application developed by Infrae for the processing and generation of Silva XML. Note that DocmaServer is not a Zope product; it is an independent application that can be accessed remotely by Silva using XML-RPC. DocmaServer currently consists of two parts:

  • Silva2Word converts Silva XML to a Word doc. It uses COM calls to generate a Word 2000 document.
  • Word2Silva converts a Word document to Silva XML.

For easy installation on Windows, please check out the DocMa windows installer.

Combining these two parts makes round trip editing of content possible.

This product does not make much sense without Silva .

There is a bug in older versions of Twisted preventing Docma from running. Make sure to download the newest version of Twisted, or look here for more information.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 0.2 Edit object Software Release   2003-02-18 published
 0.2.2 Edit object Software Release   2003-03-28 published
 0.5 Edit object Software Release   2003-06-20 published
 0.7 Edit object Software Release   2004-02-19 published
 HISTORY.txt Edit object Document 2 K 2003-06-20 published
 INSTALL.txt Edit object Document 3 K 2003-03-27 published
 LICENSE.txt Edit object Document 2 K 2003-02-18 published
 README.txt Edit object Document 6 K 2003-03-27 published
 Twisted bug Edit object Document 2 K 2003-02-20 published