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Lennart Regebro

As of Jan 1, 2007, I'm an independant developer. I've also started a new blog.

Everything on this page is outdated. Heck, all of has been outdated for years.

  • The ScriptDebugging product adds support for debugging FSPythonScripts. Very handy when developing CMF skins. I don't maintain this anymore, because this functionality is now a part of Wing IDE, which I use.
  • The CAS 4 PAS plugin provides CAS single-sign-on for PluggableAuthService, the next generation Zope2 user folder.
  • The KniggetChallenge is a plugin that fulfills the part of the Python style-guide to have Monty Python references in the code. Oh, and as an extra bonus it will insult your site visitors if they fail to login.

And a couple of HOW to's

And other stuff

And finally some old cruft. Stuff I made before, that now is superceded in one way or another:

  • An improved the Image object with an Easy Image that has thumnbails, resizing and conversion support, that I don't have time to keep updated any more.
  • Zope 2.6.0 has a bug in DateTime which causes a NameError on localzone when using MailHost or DateTime.rfc822(). This is fixed in Zope 2.6.1, so I recommend you install 2.6.1 or later instead of 2.6.0. If you can't use 2.6.0, download the fix for 2.6.0.
  • I also have a patch for MailHost that fixes some problems with the headers. Zope 2.6.0 and later now incorporates all these changes, so upgrade to 2.6.1 instead.
  • An enhanced version of local roles that enables you to block out local roles. (Done together with Johan Carlsson at Torped).
  • The Workgroups patch is a proof of concept of our suggestion for how user groups could be done in future versions of Zope. I don't really expect it to work, but I would be most interested in feedback on the concept, and ideas for improvements both on functionality and user-interface.