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Dublin Core Elements

The Dublin Core metadata element set is a standard for cross-domain information resource description.
Element Description Value
Identifier resource ID
Title resource name ExtFile/ExtImage
Description resource summary <p> This is an updated version of Gregor Heine's ExtFile product. Also see: <a href="/Members/MacGregor/ExtFile"></a>. <p> <b>New in Version 2.0.2</b>: <ul style="padding-bottom: 0"> <li> Updated link and tag methods to support *title* and *css_class* keyword arguments, catching up with OFS.Image. <li> Ensure proper quoting of *title* and *alt* attributes when generating HTML link and image tags. <li> API change: The *text* argument of link is now subject to HTML-quoting. To pass a structure (e.g. an '<img />' tag), set the *structure* keyword argument to True. <li> Bugfix: Copying an ExtFile caused a bogus update notification. </ul> <p> For a full record see the <a href="/Members/shh/ExtFile/2.0.2/CHANGES">CHANGES</a> file. <p> Available documentation is listed in the <a href="/Members/shh/ExtFile/2.0.2/README">README</a>. Otherwise please refer to the source (UTSL). ExtFile/ExtImage interfaces are defined in file ''. <p> ExtFiles can be served by Apache right out of the repository, bypassing Zope. While the need for static serving has been alleviated by introducing stream iterators, it still works, and I have kept the documentation around: <a href="/Members/shh/ExtFile/UsingStaticURLs">Using static URLs</a>.
Creator resource creator shh
Date default date 2007-07-25 19:58:19
Format resource format text/html
Type resource type Software Package
Subject resource keywords Content Object, External Files
Contributors resource collaborators
Language resource language
Publisher resource publisher No publisher
Rights resource copyright

Additional Zope Elements

Element Description Value
CreationDate date resource created 2003-04-15 05:58:45
ModificationDate date resource last modified 2007-11-11 11:55:26
EffectiveDate date resource becomes effective 2007-07-25 19:58:19
ExpirationDate date resource expires None

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