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Oracle Database Bindings for Python

DCOracle2 is a Python DB API 2.0 adapter for Oracle 8. Based on the Oracle 8 OCI, DCOracle2 overcomes limitations of DCOracle which prevent new OCI 8 features from functioning (LOBs).

Zope Oracle Database Adapter

DCOracle2 comes with ZOracleDA, ready to install into Zope.

ZOracleDA included supports Z Oracle Stored Procedure objects. These bind the stored procedure name to a connection, suitable for calling from DTML or Python scripts.


NT users can download the ZIP file and uncompress into Zope's lib/python/Products directory; then, rename the directory from "DCO2" to "ZOracleDA". After performing the rename, run the "" script in this directory to extract a pre-built binary for your system.

Unix users should untar the tar.gz file, and export the ORACLE_HOME environment variable to point at the Oracle installation. The top-level Makefile should attempt to figure out enough information to build DCOracle2.

Linux users note that you must have the Python development headers installed to compile; at this time no binary Linux distribution is packaged. For many RPM based systems, you need python-devel installed.

After compilation on Unix, the easiest thing to do is link lib/python/Products/ZOracleDA in Zope's tree to your DCO2 directory.

Binary Builds

Prebuilt binaries are available for Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT; no guarantees are made that these will link into your system.


Please see the included documentation (this version is poorly-converted HTML).


As of Beta 5, the pre-built binaries are bundled with the source distribution. From the root directory (DCO2) run the file to try to copy a pre-built binary.


DCOracle2 is currently unmaintained, and no support is available.


You may check the CVS version of DCOracle2 out from the cvs repository in the Products/DCOracle2 directory. Click here to download a current tarball.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 1.1 Edit object Software Release   2002-04-23 published
 1.2 Edit object Software Release   2002-10-02 published
 1.3 beta Edit object Software Release   2003-02-10 published
 Archive Folder   2002-04-23 published
 CHANGELOG Edit object File 15 K 2003-02-10 published
 DCOracle2 1.2 Released Edit object News Item 2 K 2002-10-02 published
 DCOracle2 1.3 beta availabe Edit object News Item 5 K 2003-02-10 published
 DCOracle2 Release 1.1 Edit object News Item 2 K 2002-04-23 published
 Pre Release 1 Edit object Software Release   2001-11-15 published
 readme Edit object Document 5 K 2001-03-20 published